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Huawei Songshan Lake Sports Science Laboratory reveals: the secret of Huawei's wearing lead is hidden here.

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Recently, Hunan Satellite TV's "launch" program visited Huawei's largest sports health science laboratory (Songshan Lake) to show off a number of "cool techs" behind Huawei's smart wear.

Huawei Sports Health Science Laboratory (Songshan Lake) covers a total area of 4680 square meters, covering professional research area, ecological joint development zone, sports health scene incubation area, covering 80 + professional detection capability. to provide support for the research, incubation and testing of smart wearable hardware products, platform-level technologies and digital health services.

This "launch" visit program also revealed a lot of very advanced sports equipment in the industry, and also showed us the daily work of Huawei sports health research and development personnel, and more stories behind Huawei sports health. On the whole, I believe you can clearly feel that the reason why Huawei has been leading the smart wear industry for a long time is its accumulated technological soft power and scientific research expertise in the field of sports and health.

In the program, we saw the first civil plateau blood oxygen research laboratory established by Huawei, which can simulate a variety of climatic conditions, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, altitude and so on, including the altitude of 0,6000m. With professional blood oxygen, heart rate and other equipment, the changes of body data under different altitude climate conditions are monitored, and professional plateau data analysis is obtained. It further enriches the "plateau blood oxygen" function of Huawei smart wear.

And it is not an easy thing to test in the laboratory. Due to the sharp changes in indoor and outdoor air pressure, in order to ensure the safety of the subjects, the plateau laboratory is equipped with telephone, monitoring, walkie-talkie and other facilities and equipment, and equipped with professional personnel for 24-hour monitoring. Through the large screen real-time monitoring of blood oxygen and monitoring screen, the experimenter promotes the project test with dedication and spirit to ensure the professionalism and safety of the experiment.

In addition to the plateau blood oxygen research laboratory, we can also see the motion and attitude capture system of Huawei Songshan Lake Sports Health Lab. It restores the professional basketball league venue at 1:1, and even adopts a circumferential motion attitude capture system design scheme. 28 infrared high-speed cameras are distributed around the site, and the details of human motion are restored through millimeter accuracy. Their sampling rate is as high as 10000 Hz. Even the trajectory of the bullet can be captured.

Under the lens of a circular high-speed camera, data such as human motion trajectories, joint changes, speed and posture can be recorded and then analyzed with high precision by researchers at Huawei Sports Health Science Lab. These research results will also be used to improve and develop Huawei smart wear products.

At the same time, in the strength training research area of the laboratory, we can also see Huawei's research and development personnel, including the Ph.D. of biomechanics and sports human science, doing some verification of scientific sports training. Rich exercise has made them all "muscular" bodies. And their hands-on practice, combined with the heart rate and calorie calculation of strength training, to verify whether the product is scientific and whether it can really achieve results.

For example, the exercise physiology research area of the laboratory, and the golden combination of running tests: cardiopulmonary function metabolic meter, heart rate band, professional large-scale treadmill. The fastest speed of a professional treadmill can reach 40km/h, which can test people's exercise health data under extreme running conditions. These professional equipment further improve the accuracy of motion data collection of Huawei's smart wearable products.

In addition, there are rock climbing research areas, swimming research and testing areas, from high mountains to water areas, can complete scientific research and testing in the laboratory. There are 100 + motion modes in many Huawei smart wearable products, which is different from other manufacturers using a set of algorithms to calculate the motion data under all motion modes. Huawei smart wearable sports model is derived from the simulation and testing of field scenes in the laboratory. Developers have made painstaking efforts to complete each complex test, just to leave the simple experience to the user.

In 2014, Huawei entered the field of smart wear sports and health. As of August this year, Huawei's cumulative global shipments of smart wear products had exceeded 130 million, serving more than 450 million users, ranking first in China's smartwatch market share for four consecutive years.

Huawei's excellent achievements in smart wearable products rely on the sports health research system and the three major sports health science laboratories set up by more than a dozen research and development centers around the world. it provides a professional and scientific basis for the functions of Huawei's smart wearable products.

As Zhang Wei, CEO of Huawei Sports Health Corps, said on the program, "on the one hand, it should make consumers easy to use, while Huawei's smart wear is scientific enough to support advanced people in the professional field, even competitive people can use it."

For example, Huawei launched the Huawei WATCH GT 4 series this year, and the first scientific fat reduction-- the function of "calorie bill" by raising your wrist-- stems from the long accumulation of engineers in the laboratory. By monitoring and analyzing the differences in calorie consumption among people of different weights when doing the same exercise for a long time, and cooperating with accurate sensors, they have created personalized algorithms to accurately measure everyone's calorie consumption in different training states, which solves the problem of how to accurately calculate the calorie gap encountered by most sports enthusiasts.

On December 12, Huawei announced at an innovative product conference in Dubai that Huawei's global shipments of the WATCH GT 4 series had exceeded 2.5 million. In addition to the eye-catching performance in the market, Huawei WATCH GT 4 series has recently won the annual award-Best Design (Best Design Award) of two international authoritative media, Tech Advisor and Trusted Reviews, which has won the attention of consumers around the world.

There is no doubt that all of Huawei's leading smart wearable devices and functions come from the cool techs Initiative, which is the leading scientific laboratory behind it, and the staff have tested and verified countless times. It is a product that concerns the health and safety of every consumer. It is precisely this professional and rigorous product that can be truly recognized by the market and users.

In fact, the visiting Huawei Sports Health Science Laboratory (Songshan Lake) was jointly built by Huawei and the State Administration of Sports, and Huawei will use the laboratory platform to jointly participate in the development of standards for smart wearers. In the context of healthy China and national fitness, Huawei has also promoted the high-quality development of national fitness with science and technology through ten years of hard work in the field of smart wear. In the future, it is believed that Huawei will continue to increase investment in the field of sports health, accelerate the high-quality development of Huawei's wearable products and services, and bring more benefits to consumers' sports and healthy life.

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