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Huawei Hongmeng application development talents are in short supply, and many colleges and universities have set up "Hongmeng classes"

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Shulou( Report--, December 14, as more and more top APP manufacturers start the development of HarmonyOS native applications, Huawei and Hongmeng software manufacturers are actively training Hongmeng ecological talents and setting up "Hongmeng classes" in cooperation with universities in order to meet the needs of Hongmeng development talents.

According to, 23 985 universities and 46 211 universities have offered or are about to offer HarmonyOS-related courses, among which Nanjing University has made HarmonyOS as the core content of the "Mobile Internet Software Engineering" course, replacing the original Android development course. Liu Qin, a professor at Nanjing University, said that the Hongmeng operating system is aimed at the Internet of everything and can connect all kinds of devices. In the mobile Internet era, it is necessary for students to engage in software development. He also revealed that the course is a compulsory course, and it is expected that 150-180 people will take it. In fact, more than 230 people have signed up, indicating that students are still interested in the Hongmeng operating system. Liu Qin believes that HarmonyOS is no longer "one more choice", but "an alternative to Android".

On December 12, the OpenHarmony Talent Ecology Conference was held in Shanghai, where universities and software companies shared their experiences and cases in Hongmeng development. Hongmeng operating system can be divided into two categories: one is consumer-oriented operating system and application development, which is led by Huawei; the other is industry-oriented open source projects, which are managed by OpenHarmony and attract professional software companies to develop for specific industries. At the same time, Huawei will also provide some empowerment and support.

Facing the consumer market, Huawei has launched Hongmeng native application program HarmonyOS NEXT. Judging from Huawei's external disclosure, a number of heavyweight mobile Internet head enterprises have recently launched Hongmeng native application development.

As a new operating system, what are the difficulties and challenges of Hongmeng's development? Liu Qin believes that Hongmeng's development tools are relatively few, and Nantah is discussing with Hongmeng engineers to make an automated testing tool, because the previous open source tools only support Android, while Hongmeng's development language and UI framework have changed, so new tools need to be developed. A Hongmeng ecological insider also said that Hongmeng development is not difficult, basically training 1-2 months can be developed, but Hongmeng relatively few tools, need open source members to continue to develop tools. He also revealed that at present, major enterprises are in urgent need of Hongmeng talent, the salary is also relatively high, coupled with the relative surplus of Android talent, this is a very favorable time for Hongmeng to attract development talent. noted that Yu Chengdong, Huawei's terminal business, predicted at the 2023 Huawei Pollen Annual meeting that Huawei would launch products with native applications and experiences of Hongmeng next year, and that he would launch very leading, innovative and subversive products next year.

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