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Huawei's first open headphones were launched globally in Dubai, with the original "C-shaped Bridge" design leading the fashion life.

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On December 12, Huawei held an innovative product conference in Dubai and launched its first open TWS headphones-Huawei FreeClip headphones. This headphone is another representative of Huawei's wearable "fashion, more leapfrog" concept. It breaks the traditional design style of TWS headphones and innovates the "C-shaped bridge" design (C-bridge Design) to realize the ingenious integration of aesthetics and technology. Lead fashion and all-weather comfort to listen to new trends.

"Fashion, more leapfrogging" to meet the personalized listening of fashion, sports and business people

Fashion, more leapfrog, Huawei uses technology to lead the new fashion of wearing audio, more leapfrog in performance and appearance, bringing a personalized lifestyle to meet the diversified needs of users in daily wear, sports and business scenes.

In 2015, Huawei successively established aesthetic centers in Paris, Milan and London, combining the aesthetic concept of fashionable highland with cutting-edge science and technology to form Huawei's wearable extreme, pure and simple design concept. After 2018, Huawei successively launched FreeBuds digital series of semi-in-ear headphones, FreeBuds Pro series of in-ear headphones, lipstick headphones FreeBuds Lipstick and smart glasses and other products, from noise reduction to sound quality, wearing comfort, intelligent experience, and innovative product form, realizing great-leap-forward upgrading of products and creating a full-scene audio experience from in-ear, semi-in-ear and open to glasses. To meet the needs of consumers in office, travel, sports, audio-visual entertainment, clothing and other scenes. The "fashionable, more leapfrog" concept represented by Huawei's FreeClip headphones has upgraded its experience by leaps and bounds in the areas of design, sports and business.

Huawei FreeClip headphones adopt innovative "C-shaped bridge" design, with advanced fashion streamer purple and starry black color matching, visually incarnate personal fashion symbols, stimulate the wearer to create more creative ideas, integrate into users' all-weather lifestyle needs, and meet users' fashion needs. Using open near-ear listening design, you can better sense the ambient sound, while wearing comfortable and stable, support IP54 water and sweat resistance, large-scale exercise is not afraid of falling; support clear calls, with a long range of 8 hours, talk clearly with online colleagues, commuting listening is safer, suitable for all kinds of business situations.

Huawei original "C-shaped bridge" design, stylish, comfortable to wear

Huawei FreeClip headphones C-shaped bridge design shape, so that products can be close to the ear, bring comfortable and breathable wearing experience. "C-bridge" design is Huawei FreeClip headclip headphones iconic design, connecting the listening ball and comfort beans at both ends, creating an integrated shape, interpretation of minimalist aesthetic style, streamer purple, starry black two major trends color matching, fashion versatile, single ear wearing can also become a focus in the crowd.

The "C-bridge" design of Huawei FreeClip headphones can make the headphones suitable for users of different ear shapes, and has the characteristics of high elasticity and durability, making the headphones light and reliable, and users can wear them securely for a long time. Under this extreme architecture design, Huawei's FreeClip earphone weighs only 5.6g, enabling it to wear freely and comfortably around the clock.

Huawei FreeClip headphones were first launched in Dubai, once again demonstrating its "stylish, more leapfrog" concept and achievements to the world. It is reported that the product will be officially released in China on December 26, and more surprise features will be announced soon. Please look forward to it.

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