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NT version of Windows / Mac / Linux QQ welcomes updates: support group essence messages, add new functions of deleting posts and forbidding words on channels, etc.

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Thanks to netizens my love 317 for the clue delivery! news on December 14, Tencent today pushed an update for NT desktop version of QQ, related versions are WindowsQQ 9.9.6, MacQQ 6.9.23, LinuxQQ 3.2.3, mainly optimized "QQ channel", support group essence information, improved emoji support and so on.

The main updates attached to are as follows: QQ channel supports deletion of posts and taboos.

Optimized expression display

Support to quickly switch panel size (Windows) through the buttons at the top of the main interface

Support custom application order through the sidebar management panel

Support to view group essence messages within the group

Optimized the style of group photo album list page

Optimized the navigation bar style of group photo album

Support editing favorites and creating new notes

Support mouse hover to display common expressions

Support sidebar to add game hall (Windows)

Support to display random expressions of dice, basketball and bag scissors

Support to view group members and group announcements in group chat

Optimized the display form of online status

Download address: Windows 32 bit: click here to download

Windows 64-bit: click here to download

MacOS (Apple Silicon + Intel): click here to download

Linux (aarch64 rpm): click here to download

Linux (x86 / 64 rpm): click here to download

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