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ToDesk MAC4.7.2 added a new remote control essential features, voice calls, tagging, custom privacy screen.

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ToDesk remote control software, which is loved by millions of users at home and abroad, has recently been updated for Mac system versions; this time, there are many changes involved. In terms of functions, the brand-new performance version VIP has been launched; one-to-one voice call function has been added; annotation function has been added; custom privacy screen wallpaper function has been added; external camera and microphone support has been added in remote control. In terms of experience, the file transfer function and global node function have been optimized and upgraded, and there are also details such as full-screen mode, novice guidance, shortcut key setting, etc. when optimizing remote control.

So, what exactly does the content of these V4.7.2.0 versions covered above mean? Let's select a few key points for you to explain in detail one by one!

Added-Voice Call

As the name implies, this function means that in the process of remote collaboration, the users of the master and the controlled end can communicate with each other in real time. In this way, the remote interaction scene can be broader and more diversified; when the remote control has the right to voice calls, this is the opening of a new communication door in remote work, and from then on, the synchronization of information with colleagues, leaders, customers, etc. is more direct and rapid.

As long as the user needs it, it doesn't matter if it's turned on 24 hours a day. For example, when remote assistance is provided to the operation and maintenance personnel to troubleshoot equipment faults, it is convenient and fast to connect while operating through voice call, without opening other software as auxiliary, so as to reduce the equipment performance occupied by additional software; and no additional account login is required.


For the scenario of remote collaboration and mutual assistance, it is often necessary to listen and remember, so as not to forget or miss what you listen to, which will delay the progress of subsequent development. The marking function emerged as the times require, which is to meet the requirements of quickly recording the key points of the meeting and responding to the screen editing of the duplicate disk. It can be called the magic weapon of recording information of the remote meeting.

Similarly, this function is also very suitable for remote process needs to learn the key points of the operation scene, with eleven screen editing modes, can be real-time to the controlled screen painting, writing, key comments, etc., but also can save the current annotated screen to the local album, convenient to call at any time to view.

More intimate is that the master control, controlled operators can use, such as teachers and students who need distance teaching, they can online class standard key correction homework; for the need for online meetings to explain important documents, or docking customers emergency modification needs of migrant workers is just needed.

In teleconferencing, the marking function is matched with voice call, which realizes double communication of text and voice. Real-time communication and note-taking are more efficient and convenient, which can help users save a lot of time for aligning information. It is simply not too good.

New-Custom Privacy Screen Feature

What is a custom privacy screen? From then on, you can use all the pictures you like! The previous ToDesk privacy screen function is automatically displayed as an official screensaver when turned on, so that others cannot view the actions and contents of the user's remote operation.

However, the new custom privacy screen is more excellent. On the basis of the original function, the favorite screensaver picture can be uploaded on the personal center page, and it can be fully displayed at the time of remote control; it is undoubtedly more interesting and practical. It can be said that it is a personalized table for contemporary workers. New-Support for peripheral cameras and microphones

I don't know if you've ever encountered the camera that comes with this machine. The picture displayed by the camera is too small, the angle is single, and the radio effect is not good. In many scenarios, syncing sound requires an additional connection with a camera and microphone to fully view the environment around the device.

This new function is to map the content transmitted by the peripheral camera and microphone connected in the device to the currently used device; it is especially outstanding in the case of live broadcasting in different places; it can be said to supplement the requirements of more niche remote work scenarios.

Optimization-Shortcuts Settings

As we all know, in the mobile terminal of ToDesk, click Mine to enter the shortcut key settings, you can set the shortcut keys controlled for Windows system or Mac system. Now in the Mac console, in addition to the default, you can also change or add shortcut keys to use; can support up to more than ten function shortcut key customization.

Instructions such as disconnecting, switching screens, activating controlled end system control with one key, closing current window tab, switching window/full screen mode, minimizing, switching sound, displaying remote mouse pointer, locking mouse, disabling controlled mouse, opening and closing 3D mouse, chatting, file transfer, displaying transfer status, privacy screen, etc. can be defined by themselves in the client.


ToDesk, as a long-distance product that always pays attention to user experience and regularly collects feedback on usage, has always been committed to continuous innovation in technology and functions and careful optimization of experience along the way of development. In Mac V4.7.2.0, not only enhanced and broadened the use of the software, but also significantly improved the user experience and productivity; understand the latest version of the update content and instructions, Xiaobian encourages everyone to upgrade quickly!

Seeing this thoughtful action, I believe that in the future, ToDesk will continue to provide more practical, comprehensive, efficient and secure remote services for the majority of supporters.

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