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Good things come in pairs! Fei Shu was selected into the two major reports of Gartner.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, Flying Book has been selected in the 2023 report "Collaborative content Workspace Innovation Insight" (Innovation Insight:Collaborative Content Workspaces) and "Video Conferencing solution Market Guide" (Market Guide for Meeting Solutions) released by Gartner, an international IT research and consulting firm.

The Video Conferencing Solutions Market Guide predicts: "by 2025, more than 65% of people will not hold meetings in formal conference rooms, but will choose to hold digital meetings in the workplace or in the office." We believe that Lark Technologies can be selected into the guide to become a representative manufacturer (Representative Vendors), thanks to the leading features of Flying Book Conference.

The Flying Book meeting can easily share any content, and when sharing Flying Book Cloud documents, you can turn on the "enjoy" mode, and attendees can choose to follow the perspective or collaborate with editing. During the meeting, you can also share the whiteboard and create using the whiteboard to "draw" the ideas. Today, webinars support 10000 parties to participate at the same time, allowing large-scale and efficient transmission of information. At the same time, the Feishu meeting supports a meeting mode of up to 50 visible groups, in which closed group discussions can be conducted, the discussions are more focused and there is no need for multiple meetings, and the moderator is free to shuttle and participate in online discussion groups.

With the Flying Book Smart partner, the meeting can recognize the language and present subtitles at the speed of seconds, and accurate discussions can be seen in a noisy environment or on a business trip. It can also support real-time translation, so that employees from different backgrounds can express freely in their mother tongue. Without the need for personal notes, you can receive the minutes of intelligent meetings after the meeting. In multiple scenarios such as enterprise training, major meetings and online activities, the Flying Book Conference can export the information of the participants with one click and efficiently count the participants.

In "innovative Insight of Collaborative content Workspace", Byte Jump Flying Book (ByteDance Lark) has become the only selected representative vendor (Representative Providers) in China.

According to the Gartner report, "Enterprise application leaders responsible for digital workplaces can help achieve the following benefits by leveraging CCW tools:"

Information becomes easier to find and more repetitive.

Low cost of technology, employees can work on their own

Improve employee retention and have a user experience that younger groups prefer. "

As an advanced enterprise collaboration and management platform, Flying Book continues to pursue a more silky user experience:

Workspace of All in one

Let the information penetrate every corner

Flying Book Collaborative Office Suite is an one-stop collaborative platform for advanced teams, which integrates chat, video conferencing, cloud documents, approval, mailbox, calendar, tasks and other collaborative tools. Through the ultimate exchange experience, information can flow efficiently and help all staff to share the same frequency and land strategically.

Flexible workspace: information can be collected and distributed in a group chat, carried in a document, deposited in a knowledge base, and structured collation of business data and information in multidimensional tables.

Strong interoperability of information: documents, group chats and tasks can also communicate with each other, and the information is not separated.

Customized information permissions: multi-dimensional tables have advanced permissions, row permissions and other advanced features, making data flow more secure.

High efficiency of information flow: multi-dimensional tables and Flying Book's internal office components are deeply integrated, office data can be archived, and office coordination links can be connected in series through automation processes. The data collected quickly through the form can generate large-screen data Kanban and reports, or you can share a single piece of data to the group at any time.

Make business systems more agile

Reduce information gaps and process sticking points

Users in various industries who rely on professional business management systems can also work together more efficiently through flying books. Now, without development, users can directly open professional business systems such as CRM, ERP, MES and PLM in Feishu, and can pull groups and co-create documents in the business system to discuss customers, work orders and other business information in a timely manner and cooperate efficiently.

Feishu intelligent partner

Based on the intelligent era, Feishu launched "Flying Book Intelligent partner". "Feishu Intelligent partner" has enterprise knowledge and user working memory, and can work actively. Everyone in the enterprise can work with intelligent partners, using artificial intelligence technology to make work collaboration easier and more efficient. In addition, as an open artificial intelligence service framework, "Flying Book Intelligent partner" allows enterprises to independently choose the appropriate underlying large model according to the business scenario, and can easily create more intelligent partners in professional fields through the "Flying Book Intelligent partner creation platform".

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