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Play the game worry-free gallium nitride desktop fast charger 240W to help you fight.

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Many game notebooks on the market need high-power chargers, but this part of game notebook users tend to prefer the original chargers when they choose to buy other chargers, after all, high-power charging has more stringent safety requirements. And Beth recently launched DigitalGaN gan digital power intelligent desktop fast charger 240W may give these users an option, based on the new generation of gan technology can not only provide 240W high power, while based on digital power technology and AI algorithm, provide multiple security protection, more multi-interface design, can meet high-power, security and multi-device charging needs.

For game laptops that need to play games for a long time, power supply is crucial. Beth DigitalGaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power Intelligent Desktop Fast Charger is based on the new generation of gallium nitride technology, achieving a high power output of up to 240W and 240W high power output, allowing users' notebooks to maintain high performance for a long time. As a result, users are no longer worried about the lack of power, and can focus more on the game and enjoy the enjoyable game experience.

The application of the new generation of gallium nitride technology marks a new height in the performance of the intelligent desktop fast charger for Beth DigitalGaN gan digital power supply. This technology not only improves the efficiency of the whole machine and increases the response speed of the charger by 30%, but also reduces the size by 40% through structural stacking, so that both compact size and efficient charging can be achieved. The ingenious design of 42mm x 114.9mm x 69.6mm makes DigitalGaN ideal for desktop charging stations, both from home and on the road.

Security is also another concern for game notebook users. After all, game users do not want to have to stop the game due to a sudden power outage during the game. Beth DigitalGaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power Intelligent Desktop Fast Charger uses advanced digital power technology to ensure a more stable and reliable charging process by real-time monitoring and controlling the voltage and current during the charging process. Combined with AI algorithm, Beth DigitalGaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power Intelligent Desktop Fast Charger can accurately monitor the charging status and provide multiple safety mechanisms such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, electrostatic protection, short-circuit protection, temperature protection, undervoltage protection, anti-interference protection and shell flame retardant protection.

In order to ensure the safety in the charging process, Beth DigitalGaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power Intelligent Desktop Fast Charger adopts BCT intelligent temperature control technology. This technology can monitor the temperature of the charger in real time and automatically adjust the working state when the temperature is too high to ensure that the charger is always in a safe working temperature range. At the same time, intelligent temperature control technology can also reduce the noise and vibration caused by high temperature, so that users can enjoy the charging process in a quiet and comfortable environment.

Beth DigitalGaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power Intelligent Desktop Fast Charger has 3 Type-C interfaces, 1 USB-An interface and exclusive DC interface, while the exclusive DC interface supports 240W output power. This multi-interface design not only solves the problem of multi-device charging, but also provides a higher power exclusive DC output, which meets the needs of high-power equipment and makes the life of users more versatile.

Beth DigitalGaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power Smart Desktop Fast Charger's unique screen display design is not only beautiful and generous, but also supports touch operation. Through the intuitive interface, users can clearly understand the current, voltage and other information of each charging port. At the same time, support App connection, users can use the mobile phone anytime and anywhere to grasp the charging status, temperature and other detailed information, and through App to achieve custom charging settings, to add a beauty of intelligent technology to life.

Beth DigitalGaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power Intelligent Desktop Fast Charger brings users a safe and efficient charging experience with its 240W high power output, advanced digital power technology and multiple security protection. Whether in work, study or life, this charger is the user's right-hand man.

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