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Is Maotai in the machine circle again? The source said that Glory Porsche designed the first product with a limited edition of 911.

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According to news on December 18, digital blogger @ Wang Zai Blackstone revealed that Glory Porsche designed the first product with a limited edition of 911, and the internal code name of Glory is "Glory 911".

The Porsche 911 series is designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. Since its birth in 1963, the Porsche 911 has experienced eight generations of models, and it is also the most legendary model of the whole Porsche and even the whole Germany. Obviously, Glory Porsche designs the first product code "Glory 911", which is a tribute to Porsche 911, and it is not difficult to see Glory's confidence in this joint product.

It is not difficult to imagine that when this ultra-high-end mobile phone goes on sale, it will naturally become a hot product, Maotai? In short, due to the limited scarcity of 911, this product is naturally bought and earned.

The joint model of Glory and Porsche 911 will undoubtedly further consolidate Glory's position in the mobile phone market, and it will also be an important opportunity to promote Glory's high-end product line, bringing new opportunities for the growth of Glory's global market.

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