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Encrypted email service Proton Mail launches desktop client: supports Windows / macOS, and logs in to Linux next year

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Shulou( Report--, December 15, the encrypted email service Proton Mail recently announced the launch of a desktop version of the client, which currently supports the Windows / macOS,Linux version to be launched next year.

▲ source Proton Mail official website learned that Proton Mail is a "full encryption" email service launched by the Swiss company Proton Technologies, which has been running for 10 years and claims to have more than 50 million users.

Proton Mail was first launched in 2013 with an invitation system and was open to the public after March 2016, but it was not until 10 years later that the desktop client was officially launched.

It is reported that Proton Mail clients currently support Windows 10 take 11 and macOS, but currently only use "mail" and "schedule" services, "Drive cloud disk" and other services are not yet available.

In addition, Proton claimed that due to "network bandwidth restrictions", "more Bug" and other reasons, the relevant clients are currently limited to "Visionary Plan" subscribers to download and try out, and an official version is expected to be launched in early 2024, which will be open to all users.

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