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Join hands with Intel to usher in a new era of AI PC, Lenovo announced that it will release a number of AI Ready notebook computer products

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At today's Intel Core Ultra processor conference, Intel officially launched its Meteor Lake-based Core Ultra processor products, and announced that there will be more than 35 OEM models with Core Ultra notebook products on the market by mid-2024. Lenovo, as an important supplier in the PC industry, also introduced Lenovo's next AI PC-related strategy at the Core Ultra event.

Lenovo, as the promoter of the AI PC industry, held the first AI PC Industry Innovation Forum this month, and jointly issued the industry's first "AI PC Industry (China) White Paper" with IDC, which provides guidance for the development of China's AI PC industry. Unlike traditional PC, AI PC will become a personal AI assistant and bring more value to customers. AI PC can provide personalized services including personalized creation, private secretary and equipment butler according to everyone's work, study, life and other scenes. In the future AI PC, local, edge and cloud can reasonably deploy tasks and provide real-time services. After purchasing AI PC, users can enjoy the local free reasoning service throughout the life cycle of the device, coupled with the necessary cloud subscriptions, which can significantly reduce the cost for individual users to use the AI model. In addition, AI PC can provide adequate security for personal data and privacy.

In response to these user core values, Lenovo Amu said that AI PC must be a mixture of AI models and applications and hardware devices to achieve these core values. It needs to have the ability of natural language interaction, embed a large model scheme dominated by local, supplemented by edge and cloud, and realized by locally mixing multiple XPU AI computing power. This also needs to be supported by open AI application ecology, such as AI native applications, AI enabling applications and public large models. In addition, the local implementation of AI-related capabilities, but also to support device-level personal data and privacy security protection.

The new Intel Core Ultra processor has triple AI computing power of CPU, GPU and NPU, and can call different levels of AI computing power for different AI application scenarios. At this stage, the development of AI PC has entered AI Ready, Amu believes that

From the industrial level, AI PC still needs to go through two stages from AI Ready to AI On. Now AI PC has officially entered the AI Ready stage, the so-called AI Ready is chip architecture upgrade, embedded mixed AI computing power, which will enhance the AI PC device-level AI experience, from then on, AI PC will start the innovation of the local AI application experience.

AI On means that PC has complete AI PC core features and provides an epoch-making AI innovation experience in a wide range of general scenarios, becoming everyone's personal AI assistant. With the core technological innovation, product experience optimization and the ecological prosperity of AI applications, AI PC can serve a wider range of general scenarios, and can achieve end-to-end collaborative computing, cross-device interconnection relay, and even fine-tuning training of personal large models in the marginal private domain environment based on personal data and usage history.

Lenovo should also have completed the initial deployment of AI Ready with the help of Intel Core Ultra processor. Amu said that Lenovo AI Ready laptops Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI and Lenovo's new Pro 16 AI Core version have officially opened an appointment / pre-sale. These two products excel in embedded hybrid AI computing, innovative / enhanced AI experience, and device experience upgrades. In embedded hybrid AI computing, both products are the first to come with Intel Core Ultra processors and the new AI proprietary chip NPU.

In addition, Lenovo also launched the AI PC Vanguard Action, launched the "AI PC Ecological developer Program" and the "AI PC content creativity Competition", and as the exclusive partner of AI PC, supported Intel artificial Intelligence Innovation Application Competition throughout the process. On December 26, Lenovo will hold the Lenovo Tianxi Ecological Partnership Conference and invite AI application developers and partners to accelerate the evolution of AI PC.

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