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Tesla received subsidies and incentives for the construction of 2.627 billion pesos in Mexico, as well as tax breaks and other policy support.

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Shulou( Report--, December 15 (Xinhua) Electric car manufacturer Tesla has obtained a land use license from the Federal Ministry of Environment to build a "super factory" west of Monterey, the capital of Nuevo Leon, the government of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon announced on Tuesday.

In a statement released on Thursday, the Nuevo Leon State Economic Development Commission said it had approved incentives to provide Tesla with 2.627 billion pesos (currently about 335 million yuan), including payroll tax breaks, equivalent to 3.37 percent of Tesla's investment.

The Nuevo Leon state government said the incentives were aimed at building infrastructure such as basic water treatment facilities and roads around the plant, as well as policies such as lowering Tesla's payroll tax.

The Nuevo Leon state government estimates that the area of land earmarked for the plant is about 261ha; the plant will cost more than $5 billion to build and is expected to create 4500 jobs in manufacturing and technology. No, no, no.

Samuel Garcia, the state's governor, said in October that the "superfactory" was expected to generate about $15 billion (currently about 106.95 billion yuan) through Tesla and his suppliers over the next two years.

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