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(updated: fixed) X platform (Twitter) service crashed globally and users were unable to view timeline posts

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Gonzalez_, ZJack, to capture a Nokia, BOE Zhou Dongyu, Symbian clues delivery! 14:52 update: comprehensive feedback from a number of users, it has been verified that the current platform has resumed services., December 21 (Xinhua)-- the topic of "Twitter crashed" went second on Weibo today. learned that the X platform (formerly Twitter) crashed at around 12:47 Beijing time, and as of press time, the X platform has not yet fixed the related problems.

It is reported that the crash affected X platform users around the world, including PC Web and mobile platform clients, all users are unable to view the timeline, access personal data cards, post posts.

According to 's previous report, Elon Musk had previously made substantial layoffs on the X platform, and because of Musk's "inappropriate remarks" on the platform, many advertisers withdrew from the X platform one after another, resulting in a sharp decline in the platform's own revenue, resulting in a "vicious circle". The sudden collapse of the X platform can be described as "reducing costs and increasing laughter".

Related reading: "the news says that Musk X's advertising revenue is about $2.5 billion this year, down about 37.5% from the same period last year."

"the female executive who slept on the floor was also laid off by Max, and the eighth round of layoffs on Twitter came."

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