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Is the Porsche version of Honor Magic6 coming? A high-end cross-border journey

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Shulou( Report--

On December 14, Glory released a warm-up poster in which the first-generation Porsche 911 designer and founder of Porsche design appeared with the caption: "the best homage to the classic is to be the next classic." Subsequently, Glory officially announced that it had reached a partnership with Porsche Design, and slogan was "born for the vanguard".

As soon as the news of the official declaration cooperation came out, it immediately aroused the attention and expectation of the majority of netizens, and some netizens said bluntly: the classic Porsche design mobile phone is finally going to return to the market.

Porsche Design returns, Honor Magic6 Porsche version pays homage to Classic 911 after Glory Guan Xuan cooperated with Porsche Design, it was revealed that bloggers shared a designer manuscript from Glory Magic6 Porsche Edition. As can be seen from the manuscript, the back of the Glory new plane is integrated into the lines of the Porsche 911 sports car, and the Honor and the Porsche design logo are arranged vertically. In addition, the camera module of the new machine uses the design of the outer circle and the rectangle of the inner ring, combined with Porsche design lines, making the new machine highly recognizable.

Subsequently, the real picture of the suspected Glory Magic6 Porsche version was also exposed on the Internet. From the revelation picture, Glory Magic6 Porsche version can be said to be "Porsche's mobile phone form", with a large number of Porsche "soul" design elements. For example, the classic "red and black" color matching on Porsche's body and interior is applied to the body color, combined with a plain leather-like material on its back to create a color design with the Porsche Design logo. The "star wheel three shots" design of the rear camera has also been changed to horizontal arrangement, with a strong Porsche sports car style.

In addition, there is another picture of Glory Magic6 Pro. On the basis of inheriting the classic design languages such as Star Wheel three shots of Glory Magic family, deco's "dashboard" shape is a bright spot. From this point of view, Glory Magic6 is equipped with Porsche design style.

Porsche Design hand in hand, the two-way way to the High end for a long time, Porsche Design has only joined hands with global high-end brands. previously, mobile phones, watches and other products launched in cooperation with Huawei have become a symbol of ultra-high-end phones. it is also the most successful example of cross-border cooperation among mobile phone manufacturers.

After Huawei, Porsche design choice and glory join hands, which is not only an affirmation of Glory's strength and influence in the field of science and technology, but also the mutual attraction of brand values between the two sides.

Porsche Design is good at creating distinctive high-end products with its extreme and unique brand value pursuit. Glory always pays attention to the basic experience and aesthetic research of products, adheres to the innovative concept of two-wheel drive, devotes itself to technological breakthroughs at the bottom and creates products with advanced experience. Although the two brands are different in the product field, they have the same value and pursuit-to create higher quality and differentiated products for consumers.

This cooperation, the two sides will also fully integrate the advantages of both sides to further expand the high-end market, in addition to the exposed Glory Magic6 Porsche version, there is news that the cooperation between Glory and Porsche will be more in-depth, not limited to mobile phones, but also in other follow-up products such as tablets, headphones, etc., there is also the possibility of cooperation. This means that not only the return of Porsche design phones, but also more glorious joint Porsche design of good products, which will also bring more impetus to the entire technology market.

For Glory, the perfect match with Porsche design is also an important move for Glory to further expand the global high-end market. Through cooperation with Porsche Design, Glory will further enhance its brand image and market position, which is not only a pioneer cross-border journey of Glory, but also a two-way trip to Glory's ultra-high-end road.

Glory Magic6 Porsche version, further to the ultra-high-end market this year is the third anniversary of Glory official independence, today's glory has swam out of the sky.

According to a report released by Canalys data Institute, China's market share and shipments returned to the first place in the third quarter of 2023. Glory has reached the top of its market share twice since it was separated from Huawei in 2021.

In addition, in overseas markets, in the first three quarters of this year, Glory overseas mobile phone shipments increased by more than 300% compared with the same period last year, and exports are expected to reach 17 billion yuan this year.

On the road to becoming a global iconic technology brand, Glory is "conquering cities and territories" on a large scale.

At the beginning of this year, the Glory Magic5 series was released on MWC2023, and with cool techs such as "Qinghai Lake Battery", Glory strongly launched a charge call to the global high-end mobile phone market, making Glory the most discussed brand on overseas media platforms on MWC on the day.

Glory's first "Qinghai Lake Battery" solved many problems in the commercial application of silicon negative battery, achieved an amazing 5450mAh of the battery, and the thickness of the body was less than 8mm, becoming the only flagship mobile phone with a thickness of less than 8mm and battery capacity of more than 5000mAh in the industry at that time. In addition, there is Glory self-developed RF enhancement chip C1. As the first RF enhancement chip in the industry, through a new optimized tuning algorithm, it is honored to achieve a comprehensive optimization of a number of traditional signal weak scenarios.

In just three months from July to October this year, Glory launched three flagship, lightweight folding screen phones in a row, allowing Glory to take the lead in jumping out of iPhone's innovation framework.

Many excellent products, such as Glory Magic5 series, undoubtedly further consolidate Glory's leading position in the high-end market. This makes us have reason to look forward to: what kind of breakthrough and innovation will be made in the cooperation with Porsche Design, glorifying the powerful scientific and technological empowerment and integrating the unique product concept of Porsche Design? What surprises will it bring to the entire technology market?

Written on the occasion of the last third anniversary, Glory has seized the minds of consumers with outstanding innovation, and also promoted the brand-new journey of Glory from product innovation to industrial innovation. At this critical moment, the partnership with Porsche design has occupied the right time and people-now that Glory has set off a wave in the high-end market, with the strong potential of products such as Porsche version of Glory Magic6, Glory will lead a new round of changes in the ultra-high-end market and reshape the ultra-high-end landscape in the future.

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