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Dong Yuhui responded to the rumors that he joined it is not true, he has not contacted any company at present.

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Shulou( Report--

Thank netizens "see" for the clue delivery! December 15 news, Oriental selection and Dong Yuhui between the "small composition" incident in the recent online buzz, and even news that Liu Qiangdong intends to recruit Dong Yuhui. Dong Yuhui responded that it was not true and that he had not contacted any company at present.

A screenshot was circulated on the Internet today, showing that Liu Qiangdong's vice president of manpower had gone to Shaanxi to recruit Dong Yuhui with Liu Qiangdong's autograph, and the talks went smoothly, saying that Dong Yuhui was very likely to go to

In this regard, Dong Yuhui responded to Xinhuanet Finance and Economics said: "it is not true, there is no contact with any company." did not respond to the incident for the time being.

Due to the continuous fermentation of the "small composition" incident, the share price of Oriental selection has continued to fall recently. inquiry found that Oriental selection fell 5.58% today (December 15), while Oriental selection fell 12.96% on December 13. Oriental selection has now fallen from a high of HK $33.65 on December 8 to HK $26.25 per share, with a market capitalization of HK $26.644 billion.

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Luo Yonghao expressed his willingness to support Dong Yuhui's start-up business: the window of opportunity should not be long, and there is really no need to waste his life to work.

"Oriental selection in response to the" Little composition disturbance ": the recent outbreak of public opinion has exposed the conflict between the online celebrity model and the product route.

"Oriental selection CEO apologized: Dong Yuhui's salary was unprofessional, and it was very unelegant to drop his mobile phone."

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