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Intel released the new Core Ultra processor, the first batch of Weixing Zunjue series notebooks on the market!

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On December 15, Intel officially released a new generation of core Ultra processors codenamed Meteor Lake. This processor is Intel's first AI PC processor with built-in AI computing core, allowing users to deploy end-to-side AI large models without networking.

As the first batch of notebooks equipped with Intel's new generation of core Ultra processors, Weixing's new products Zun Jue 16 AI Evo and 13 AI Evo all support Intel Evo platform. Among them, Zun Jue 16 AI Evo, which is located in the ultra-light business book, will be available for pre-sale at 15:00 on December 15, and will start snapping up at 0: 00 on the 18th. All users who participate in the display activities will have the opportunity to get backpacks, mice and other gifts.

For a long time, MSI is committed to product innovation and service upgrading, keeping pace with the development trend of the times, constantly expanding business areas, continuously improving various product lines, and bringing users more advanced products and service experiences. This time, in terms of enabling productivity on the PC side, MSI released two notebooks with Intel's new generation of core Ultra processors, the Reverend 16 AI Evo and the Regal 13 AI Evo, pushing high-end business and productivity products to a new ladder again. At the same time, these two notebooks in other aspects of the configuration is also noteworthy.

Both the 16 AI Evo and 13 AI Evo notebooks use core Ultra 7 mobile processors. The Core Ultra series uses 4nm advanced process technology and integrates the proprietary AI acceleration core "NPU" to provide faster running speed and lower power consumption when dealing with complex computing tasks. In addition, the processor has 6 performance cores and 10 energy efficiency cores, with a total of 16 cores and 22 threads, which is 10% higher than that of the 13th generation. The kernel display of Meteor Lake is upgraded to Arc, and the performance of the video card is improved by 20%. From the point of view of the processor and graphics card configuration, the performance of Zunjue notebook is full.

It is worth mentioning that Intel adopted the XPU strategy on the AI computing solution, that is, the trio of GPU, NPU and CPU. NPU uses a dedicated AI acceleration core, which can not only enhance the performance of notebook AI, but also provide users with a better user experience. At the same time, it can also reduce the AI load of CPU and GPU through mutual cooperation, improve performance and reduce power consumption. With the blessing of AI, the computing power of Zunjue notebook has been greatly enhanced, which can bring users a more comfortable experience.

The more lightweight and durable fuselage meets the needs of users in many situations such as daily office work. The two products of Zunjue series adopt magnesium-aluminum alloy fuselage. After optimizing the injection molding process, the metal fuselage has fewer holes on the surface and a more silky feel, allowing users to experience the extreme performance while also feeling the extreme beauty brought by fashion and curve design. In addition, the Reverend 16 AI Evo reached the thinnest 16.85mm, while the Reverend 13 AI Evo reached the lightest 990g. For users who need to travel, the lightweight and portable fuselage is also more suitable for carrying.

Considering the high mobility and productivity needs of users' work and life, the design of Zunjue series is also full of sincerity in terms of service life. The Zunjue 16 AI Evo is equipped with an oversized 99.9Whr battery with a battery life of up to 16 hours, which not only meets legal flight restrictions, but also provides all-day power to laptops. The battery specification of Zunjue 13 AI Evo is also one of the top students in the same class, which is equipped with 75Whr battery to ensure round-the-clock productivity online.

In terms of screen, the Zunjue 16 AI Evo uses a 16-inch QHD + glazed moon screen and has a 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, which can bring sharper images and higher color restoration. On the other hand, the 13.3inch OLED glazed moon display screen of Zunjue 13 AI Evo also supports 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, coupled with the addition of Display HDR TRUE BLACK 500, which makes the color contrast of the screen clearer and performs better in HDR effect. The screens of the two notebooks are slightly different, but the visual effects are very good, and consumers can choose according to their own preferences and needs.

These two products are also designed very carefully in detail. All equipped with three space array microphones, users can easily switch between immersive experience of 3D audio and precise directional focus; at the same time, AI intelligent noise reduction Pro function allows users to reduce background noise during video calls, and intelligently capture directional or omni-directional audio through conference enhancers, so that video calls between relatives and friends and video conferences between colleagues will no longer be disturbed by external interference.

To protect the privacy and security of users is also a bright spot of Zunjue series notebooks. Zunjue series notebooks support tobii aware intelligent Al anti-peeping function, through AI face recognition identity security verification, realize the privacy of the screen content, automatically blur the screen when the correct user can not be identified, and many privacy protection functions such as peeping detection and reminder, to provide users with a more private and secure environment.

With the blessing of MSI AI intelligent engine, Zunjue series notebooks provide users with a variety of possibilities such as AI creation, work and entertainment. Compared with manual selection of usage mode, MSI AI intelligent engine can actively detect scenes, identify user needs, and automatically perform the operations that users really need, such as intelligent games, intelligent work, intelligent meetings, intelligent entertainment and so on.

On the whole, the two notebooks of 16 AI Evo and 13 AI Evo are not only lighter and more beautiful than products of the same level in appearance, but also adopt advanced configuration in hardware. Especially in terms of processors, equipped with Intel's new generation of Core Ultra processors, these two notebooks targeting high-end business books have gained a better experience in terms of productivity synergy and performance. It can not only meet the needs of professionals and deep gamers running large-scale software, but also suitable for business people who travel frequently.

At 15:00 on December 15, the first batch of Weixing Zunjue products equipped with Intel's new generation Core Ultra processors will be launched. Zun Jue 16 AI Evo is now available for pre-sale, and official snapping up starts at 0: 00 p.m. on the 18th, users can also get backpacks, mice and other surprise gifts. Then remember to, Tmall, Taobao, pinduoduo, MSI official website, Douyin and other platforms to squat the starting quota!

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