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The developer of "Total War: pharaoh" apologized for the poor quality of the game, and the Steam area dropped from 289 yuan to 179 yuan.

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Shulou( Report--, December 15 (Xinhua)-- Total War: pharaoh (Total War: Pharaoh), a series of all-war strategy games, was released in October this year. However, the game has been criticized by players for its lack of content and poor quality. queried SteamDB database and learned that the praise rate of this game is 57.28%.

▲ drawing source SteamDB database

Roger Collum, vice president of game developer Creative Assembly on ▲ Tuyuan Steam platform, recently issued an apology on the official website, apologizing for the lack of game content and other problems, and announced a permanent price reduction for the game, and the official will refund the price difference for players who have previously bought the game., the official website of ▲ Picture Source Creative Assembly, learned that after "forever falling", the price of this work has dropped from 289 yuan to 179 yuan in Steam, and officials have also announced that a series of free updates and paid DLC will be launched next year.

In addition, ▲ source SteamDB database, officials also mentioned that the game "Total War: Warhammer 3" in the development of DLC "Shadow of change" will be added "more content", the next DLC "rotten Throne" will be postponed until April next year.

Game picture reward:

▲ source Steam platform (same as below)

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