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Light launch of the "Core" era | the first Core Ultra AI ultra-thin Asustek Lingyao 14 2024 release

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On December 15, the first Intel Core Ultra lightweight book Asustek Lingyao 14 2024 was unveiled on December 15, marking the official entry of Asustek into a new era of AI PC. The new generation of Lingyao 14 2024 AI ultra-thin book is designed to be light and extravagant business style. as one of the first laptops equipped with Intel Core Ultra processor, the AI experience is integrated into daily use, and the screen is upgraded, the body is thinner, the memory is larger, and the battery life is excellent, creating a new choice for efficient office work.

The beauty of Lingyao style highlights Asustek's "powerful" attitude.

At the press conference, Zou Yicheng, senior product manager of Asustek computer, said that Lingyao series is always committed to pursuing the extremely frivolous product form and the Seiko craftsmanship of inspiration aesthetics, so as to create the brand's exclusive high-level beauty and texture. The new Asustek Lingyao 14 2024 combines lightweight and elegant design with efficient performance, not only to the taste of the business elite, but also to the style of the refined life. The screen quality, battery life, keyboard control and intelligent interaction brought about by AI technology have been upgraded to provide users with a more excellent experience.

Zou Yicheng Lingyao 14 2024, Senior Product Manager of ▲ Asustek computer, adopts elegant color matching from nature, night sky blue and glacier silver. The A side forms the A Logo logo with simple and fashionable geometric lines, which is quite "beautiful". This AI ultra-lightweight all-metal fuselage weighs only about 1.19kg and as thin as 13.9mm, and its extremely slim design gives it better mobile properties to meet the needs of modern multi-scene mobile offices, making it easy to cope with long-and short-term business trips or travel.

Revolutionary processor upgrades lead the AI PC track

The popularity of generative AI (AIGC) makes the world feel the infinite possibility of AI in the future. Driven by this craze, Intel gave birth to the first generation of Core Ultra processors built specifically for mobile PC. Ju Shengli, director of computer platform products of Intel (China) Co., Ltd., came to the scene and introduced this landmark new processor to the audience in detail.

▲ Intel (China) Co., Ltd. computer platform product director-Ju Shengli Core Ultra processor uses Intel 4 manufacturing process, and takes the lead in using 3D packaging technology on lightweight processors, which not only makes CPU have higher transistor density and energy efficiency, but also makes the built-in integrated graphics card successfully upgraded to the new ARC dazzling core GPU, which doubles the performance and provides basic computing power for AI application landing.

Through the innovative split module architecture design, Core Ultra processor has created a NPU module specifically for AI computing, achieving energy-efficient AI acceleration and local reasoning, allowing users to experience more efficient scenarios such as text, text and picture, and conduct AI office and AI creation anytime and anywhere. And the lightweight computer can still maintain a thin and reasonable battery life when dealing with AI applications. At the same time, by creating a low-power island of SOC, it provides an ultra-low-power thread scheduling mechanism to achieve faster and more energy-saving for lightweight computers from the architecture.

The new Core Ultra processor realizes the combination of CPU+GPU+NPU, providing forward-looking hardware computing power for AI applications, changing productivity and creative design experience, and greatly improving productivity. Lingyao 14 2024 AI ultra-lightweight to high-end equipped with Core Ultra9 (the first configuration is Intel Core Ultra7), certified by Intel Evo platform, with the new Intel sharp graphics card, graphics performance can be up to twice that of the previous generation. NPU AI engine can execute AI reasoning task load efficiently without using CPU core, which greatly saves the energy consumption of AI function and brings epoch-making AI PC innovation experience.

High-quality screen + ultra-long voyage to create a quality life pleasing experience

Na Yan, the head of science and technology aesthetics, and Eva, a veteran media person, jointly brought the first out-of-the-box experience of Asustek Lingyao 14 2024. After showing the appearance and feel of the new product, the two bigwigs made an in-depth analysis of the highlights of the product.

▲ Technology Aesthetics Director Na Yan (right), veteran media artist Eva (left) screen, Lingyao 14 2024 upgrade equipped with 2.8k 120Hz OLED Asus screen, in clarity, refresh rate, color gamut, color accuracy, brightness, contrast and other aspects of performance are in the industry-leading level, providing users with excellent visual perception. Support VRR variable refresh rate, not only effectively eliminate picture tearing, improve fluency, but also reduce the power consumption of daily use. And OLED hardware anti-Blu-ray features can reduce the harm of harmful Blu-ray by 70%, bringing consumers a healthier and more comfortable experience.

The light and thin fuselage is equipped with 75Wh large-capacity battery, which provides 18-hour long battery life, and adopts the combination of fast charging mode and long-life battery, which increases the number of battery cycles by 20% and fast charging to 50% in 39 minutes, so that Lingyao 14 is not limited in use, the time is not limited, and the power-off mobile office is not anxious.

In other details, Lingyao 14 also strives to reach the top. The highest 32GB+1TB large storage makes AI computing more powerful. A full set of high-speed interface, infrared face recognition, multiple privacy protection, mute backlit keyboard and other designs effectively improve the quality of life of contemporary urban elites, fully demonstrating Asustek's unremitting pursuit of the perfect integration of technology and life.

Asustek Lingyao series of business office books are famous for their light, long life and high performance balance, and are very popular in the workplace. As the beginning of the Asustek AI PC, the Lingyao 14 2024 AI ultra-thin book creates a portable and outstanding intelligent office experience through the extremely light body design, and the core Ultra processor brings the flowing AI creation experience, which can run more smoothly with the 32GB large memory, while the ultra-long range further meets the current users' needs for flexible office, portable entertainment and so on. Asustek Lingyao 14 2024 continues to explore new possibilities and create new surprises, leading the wave of AI PC innovation.

In terms of price, Asustek Lingyao 14 2024 initial price of 6599 yuan, enjoy 6 interest-free, return 100 yuan E card, online and offline all-channel spot has been sold.


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