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Avita launched the "Thanksgiving waiting Plan": compensation for delayed delivery orders, Avita 12 per car 200 yuan per day

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Shulou( Report-- December 16 news, Avita announced on the official WeChat early this morning that it will compensate for the delayed delivery of the order, and said that the production team is speeding up. The car has been delivered nationwide on December 10 and has landed in 40 cities in 19 provinces.

Avita said that the pace of delivery is accelerating, but it also faces the challenge of production catching up with orders, launching the "Avita 12 Thanksgiving waiting Program" for users affected by delayed delivery.

According to reports, the above plan is applicable to Avita 12 users who lock up during the period from November 10 to March 31 next year (including the start and end date). Starting from the date of locking the order, according to the number of days exceeding the expected delivery time, they can receive a corresponding cash subsidy. The subsidy standard is 200 yuan per car per day, totaling no more than 15000 yuan.

However, if users have previously selected a high-performance air suspension suit, it will not be within the scope of the above subsidy. At the same time, if the car owner completes the locking order within the specified date, but then takes the initiative to suspend the pick-up, this subsidy does not apply either.

At present, Avita is not the only car company to adopt a similar approach. As previously reported by, AITO Motors also announced the launch of a "new M7 car pick-up care program" earlier this month: if there is a delivery delay, users can enjoy a "car pick-up care subsidy" for different versions of the car, if it exceeds the corresponding waiting period (8 weeks for the new M7 Plus / Max and 10 weeks for the new M7 Max four-wheel drive), the subsidy is 200 yuan for each extra day, up to 10000 yuan.

Some time ago, Avita also announced the launch of a time-limited car purchase policy for Avita 11 models, which will enjoy a series of activities such as 5000 yuan deduction of 25000 yuan for the car within this month.

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