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Ideal car App online "report" function: can complete the vehicle report, damage determination, scheduled maintenance and other processes

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Shulou( Report-- December 16 news, ideal car today announced the official launch of online reporting function, officials said, including reporting, damage determination, scheduled maintenance and other processes can be completed on the ideal car App, App needs to be updated to version 7.1.0 and above. attached function introduction and operation procedure:

Online reporting: open the ideal car App, enter the service page, click "accident report" to upload photos of the accident scene as required, fill in the accident information, and confirm the situation of the scene.

Upload photos: after reporting the case successfully, follow the prompts of the system and click "upload accident photos" and "upload document photos" to complete the subsequent operation. After the claim settlement personnel of the insurance company confirm, they can leave the scene of the accident.

Scheduled maintenance: users can book the maintenance shop in advance for vehicle maintenance.

Case inquiry: after the case has been dealt with, you can click "case record" to inquire about the details of past cases.

According to reports, this function is applicable to "non-human injury" accidents, if there are casualties in the accident, it is recommended to report to the police immediately. At present, this function is only applicable to users who buy Pacific Insurance through the official channel of ideal cars, and more insurance companies will be supported in the future.

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