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Considerable progress has been made in the commercialization of openEuler: the cumulative installed capacity exceeds 6.1 million sets, and the market continues to expand.

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From December 15th to 16th, openEuler Summit 2023, an operating system conference with the theme of "the rise of the Digital Age, leading the Future of Digital Intelligence", was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. The purpose of the conference is to bring together the innovative forces of the global industry, build a solid foundation of basic software, promote continuous innovation of basic software technology, and jointly build a new global open source ecology. At the meeting, the commercialization of openEuler became the focus.

The installed capacity exceeds 6.1 million sets, leading the domestic server operating system.

According to the data, openEuler has made an important milestone in the past few years. Up to now, Euler has installed a total of more than 6.1 million sets, becoming the first open source domestic operating system to change the pattern of software operating systems.

As an open source operating system of digital infrastructure, Euler supports diversified computing and enables digital full scene through open source collaborative community innovation platform, and becomes an important force to promote the development of digital and intelligent industry. Since the open source, the community has attracted 1300 leading enterprises, research institutions and universities to join, bringing together 16800 + open source contributors to set up 100 + special interest groups (SIG).

Business market performance is strong, market share first

At the commercial market level, Euler's market share has increased significantly. Operating system Conference-the 2023 Server operating system report was released on openEuler Summit 2023. According to the IDC report, openEuler ranks first in the market share of server operating systems in China in 2023, reaching 36.8%.

At present, as a domestic digital core infrastructure, Euler system has become the preferred operating system for many customers in many fields, involving finance, operators, digital government, energy, manufacturing and other industries. With the large-scale application of Euler in various industries, a large number of excellent innovative practices have emerged, effectively promoting the deepening of the digital transformation of the industry.

It is worth mentioning that the OpenAtom openEuler Community, together with the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, and industry experts, announced the final results of the selection of openly solicited business practice results around the five dimensions of technological innovation, demonstration and promotion value, application scale, service operation and maintenance capability, and community contribution, and 15 openEuler leading business practice projects were successfully shortlisted.

The improvement of intelligent ability will continue to promote the innovation and development of industry.

In addition, openEuler is also actively integrated into the field of artificial intelligence. OpenEuler realizes the deep combination with AI to improve the intelligent ability of the operating system. Euler has supported all the mainstream general computing architectures such as ARM, x86 and RISC-V. In the intelligent era, Euler has also taken the lead in supporting mainstream AI processors such as NVIDIA and Teng Teng, which has become the first choice to enable a variety of computing power. The deep combination of Euler and AI, on the one hand, uses a large model to train EulerCopilot based on a large amount of code and data, and initially realizes the functions of code-aided generation, intelligent problem analysis, system-assisted operation and maintenance, etc., to make Euler more intelligent. On the other hand, Euler realizes the deep integration of CPU and NPU, improves the performance of AI training and reasoning, and makes AI more efficient.

OpenEuler has built a solid and reliable software base for digital China, and its commercialization progress is an important milestone in the development of domestic basic software industry. In the future, openEuler will continue to promote continuous technological innovation, build a new global open source ecology, and provide strong support for the digital transformation and innovation of various industries around the world.

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