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Wuling colorful fruit models are on the market in Indonesia: blind orders exceed 3000 units a month, starting from 358 million rupiah

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Shulou( Report--, December 16, Wuling Motors announced the listing of BinguoEV in Indonesia, and Wuling became the first car company to launch two new energy models (Air ev,BinguoEV) in Indonesia.

It is understood that colorful fruit opened a blind booking in Indonesia on November 16, with an order exceeding 3000 units a month, with an official price of 358 million-408 million rupiah ( Note: currently about 16-190000 RMB).

For comparison, Wuling colorful fruit has a total of 8 models with different configurations in China, with a price range of 59800 yuan to 88800 yuan. Two power versions are provided. The maximum power of the motor is 30kW and 50kW respectively, the peak torque is 150N ·m, the length, width and height are 3950/1708/1580mm, and the wheelbase is 2560mm.

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