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The announcement of "Top Ten New words" in 2023: generative artificial Intelligence, hundred Model Wars, Mozi Sky Survey, etc.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past., December 16, according to CCTV news, the National language Resources Monitoring and Research Center released the "Top Ten New words of Chinese Media in 2023". The top ten new words released this time are: generative artificial intelligence, global civilization initiative, village super, new quality productivity, national ecological day, consumption boost year, special forces tourism, conspicuous bag, hundred model war, Mozi survey. with interpretation of "Ten New words in Chinese Media in 2023":

First, generative artificial intelligence refers to a new type of artificial intelligence that generates new original content by learning large-scale data sets. It is a technology based on algorithms, models, rules to generate text, pictures, sound, video, code and so on. Since 2023, generative artificial intelligence, represented by ChatGPT, has become a global scientific and technological hotspot. It not only affects human life and mode of production, but also provides new tools and perspectives for the innovation and development of various industries.

The Global Civilization Initiative launched the Global Civilization Initiative for the first time on March 15, 2023. This is another international public good proposed by China to the world after the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative. This initiative conforms to the common needs of the international community to enhance dialogue and exchanges among civilizations and promote cultural prosperity and development, and helps to enhance China's international influence and demonstrate China's responsibility and responsibility as a great power.

Third, the village super Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province and the United States country Football Super League abbreviation. The competition began in May 2023. Based on the eight village teams of Chejiang Sanbao Dong Village in Rongjiang County, 20 football teams from surrounding villages and towns were invited to participate. The event has become a hot topic because of its unique national characteristics and fierce competition atmosphere on the Internet. Netizens referred to the Rongjiang country Football Super League as "Village Super League" according to the naming rules of "Premier League" and "Chinese Super League".

Fourth, the concept of "new quality productivity" was put forward for the first time in September 2023. He stressed that we should integrate scientific and technological innovation resources, lead the development of strategic emerging industries and future industries, and speed up the formation of new productive forces. Compared with the traditional productive forces, the new quality productive forces involve new fields and high technological content, and are the productive forces in which scientific and technological innovation plays a leading role.

National Ecological Day in accordance with the decision of the standing Committee of the National people's Congress on the establishment of a National Ecological Day on June 28, 2023, in order to enhance public awareness and protection of ecological civilization, August 15 of each year is designated as the National Ecological Day. The establishment of the National Ecological Day has prompted all parts of the country to carry out publicity and education activities on ecological civilization in various ways, encourage public participation, jointly protect green waters and green mountains, and strive to draw a picture of a beautiful China.

VI. Consumption boost on February 2, 2023, at a press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce introduced the operation of business work in 2022 and the focus of work in 2023. In terms of promoting consumption, it is particularly proposed to establish 2023 as the "consumption boost year", introduce many favorable policies to guide consumption, and organize a series of activities to promote consumption.

Seventh, special forces tourism young people try to use the lowest economic cost to challenge the boundary of time and physical strength, in exchange for the richest tourism cultural experience. This kind of tourism is characterized by "short time, many scenic spots, low cost and high efficiency", which is called "special forces tourism" by netizens. Through intensive itinerary and fast rhythm, visitors can visit as many famous local scenic spots, historical sites and cultural sites as possible in the shortest possible time.

Eighth, the original meaning of conspicuous package refers to people who are too flamboyant and love to be in the limelight. At present, the network platform is used to refer to those people or things who have distinct personalities, dare to show themselves, and can create a happy atmosphere. This change of meaning reflects the openness and inclusiveness of the Internet culture, encourages people to express themselves and show their personalities, and at the same time adds more vitality and color to the online world.

The hundred Model War refers to the competitive development of all kinds of "large-scale deep learning models" in the field of application. Since 2023, there are more than 100 kinds of large models published in China. These large models and their products are mainly divided into three categories: the first is the general large model; the second is the industry large model; the third is the application service large model based on the general large model or industry large model.

Mozi Sky Survey refers to the "large Field of View Survey Telescope" officially launched on September 17, 2023. It is the only large aperture and large field of view optical time domain survey telescope in the world so far. Mozi first discovered the principle that light travels along a straight line more than two thousand years ago, and carried out experiments similar to keyhole imaging, known as "the first person in optics in the world". In the name of Mozi, it not only contains the scientific spirit of seeking knowledge and truth, but also places the expectation of human beings to explore the universe.

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