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Ask the new M7 to launch the policy of "picking up a car not for the New year": before the 29th of the twelfth lunar month, the new car does not arrive at the store to send 3000 yuan in cash.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens, soft media new friends 1984342, CMCC for the delivery of clues! news on December 16, following the introduction of the previous policy of delaying the delivery of 200 yuan per day, the new M7 model of MJ launched a new car purchase policy: "car pick-up is not a cross-year."

According to this rule, all customers ordered before January 31, 2024, including the same day, will receive 3000 yuan in cash at the time of delivery if the order status does not show "the vehicle has arrived at the store" before February 8, 2024 ( note: that day is the 29th day of the 12th lunar month).

The new M7 will be delivered in 84 days, and the car purchase rights and interests in December include 12000 yuan for internal and external decoration, 15000 yuan for matching rights and interests, and so on.

According to previous reports from, Cyrus told the Daily Business News that the final delivery in December may be larger than the previous forecast of 23000 vehicles. In addition, Cyrus predicts that from January 2024, the monthly delivery volume of the Q & J series is expected to reach 30,000.

On the 1st of this month, MJ Motors announced the launch of the "AITO New M7 car pick-up Care Program". If there is a delivery delay, users can enjoy "car pick-up care subsidy".

For M7 users who have completed the final payment from 2023-12-01 to 2023-12-31, the order status on AITO App is from the date of "delivery plan has been confirmed" to the date of "vehicle has arrived at the store". If the corresponding waiting period is exceeded, the car pick-up care cash subsidy will be given according to the number of days exceeded (vehicle arrival date-delivery plan confirmed date-waiting period).

Ask the new M7 Plus, ask the new M7 Max rear drive: the waiting period is 8 weeks, with a subsidy of 200 yuan per day, up to 10000 yuan.

Ask the new M7 Max all-wheel drive: the waiting period is 10 weeks, with a subsidy of 200 yuan per day, up to 10000 yuan.

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