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Push long video: TikTok cuts the original "creator fund" in many places, and the new plan stipulates that the content can be profitable in more than 1 minute.

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Shulou( Report--, December 17 (Xinhua)-- TikTok announced last month that it would close its "creators' fund" program in the United States, Britain, Germany and France, and informed creators that they must join the new "creative program" if they want to continue to make money, CNN reported on Saturday local time.

Under the new plan, adult creators with 10000 or more followers can benefit from more than a minute of video. TikTok said in its official statement that videos of more than one minute can encourage viewers to spend more time watching.

Tuyuan Pixabay's new version of the "creative plan" is in the testing stage, and TikTok claims that users can earn up to 20 times more revenue than the previous plan.

Some content creators are reported to be frustrated by the move, arguing that TikTok was popular in the first place because it allows users to quickly browse a large number of different kinds of content, and almost everyone can easily make videos without a lot of planning or resources.

They believe that the new plan may cause TikTok to become less popular. Nicki Apostolou, a creator with nearly 150,000 followers, says he "doesn't always" produce content for more than a minute.

I think a lot of creators come to TikTok because it's a short video app, but now they want to make a mini version of YouTube. Such a move would exclude creators who come to TikTok to make short videos.

As previously reported by, application analyst reported this month that Douyin (including overseas version of TikTok) became the fifth app (including games) in the world to exceed $10 billion in consumer spending, and the only non-game app to enter the "$10 billion Club".

TikTok's transaction volume this year is $3.8 billion ( Note: currently about 27.056 billion yuan), up 15 per cent from $3.3 billion in the same period last year.

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