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Nvidia GeForce Now added 10 new games, including Ultimate Speed: horizon 4ax 5 and my World: dungeons.

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Shulou( Report--, December 17 (Xinhua)-- 13 new games have been added to NVIDIA GeForce Now Cloud this week, including Microsoft's "extreme Speed: horizon 4", "extreme Speed: horizon 5" and "my World: dungeons".

Star Nexus:Steam

Tin Hearts:Steam, Xbox, support for PC Game Pass

The Tale of Pagani: Steam

Real estate talent 2:Steam

Soul Sagittarius: the Deathbringer (Soulslinger: Envoy of Death): Steam

Escape back Room (Escape the Backrooms): Steam

Flashback 2 (Flashback 2): Steam

Extreme Speed: horizon 4:Steam

Extreme speed: horizon 5:Steam, Xbox, support PC Game Pass

Front (The Front): Steam

My world: dungeons: Steam, Xbox, supporting PC Game Pass

Primitive killing: extinction (Primal Carnage: Extinction): Steam

Cosmic Sand Table (Universe Sandbox): Steam

NVIDIA also recently launched a new GeForce Now limited-time offer that allows new users to subscribe to a six-month Ultimate package for $99.99 ( Note: currently about 712 yuan) and a free three-month Microsoft PC Game Pass (usually worth $30).

NVIDIA GeForce Now Ultimate subscription provides a cloud gaming experience of RTX 4080, such as a 4K resolution and a frame rate of up to 120fps, and up to 240fps if the game supports NVIDIA Reflex technology.

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