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Research: electric vehicles currently need to travel 90,000 kilometers to be more environmentally friendly than fuel vehicles.

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Shulou( Report--, December 18 (Xinhua) Electric vehicles have been in the limelight in recent years, but their environmental protection has been controversial. Recently, an independent study from Germany has provided a new perspective on the debate: although electric vehicles produce higher carbon emissions than fuel vehicles in the production process, that is, there is a greater "ecological debt" at the beginning of the life cycle, but after a certain mileage, they will become cleaner.

The two-year study, led by the German engineering association VDI Gesellschaft Fahrzeug, involved electric vehicles, hybrids and fuel vehicles, and analyzed their carbon emissions throughout their life cycle. The study found that electric vehicles do produce more pollution in the production stage, mainly due to high energy consumption and large emissions in the battery production process.

However, the researchers point out that with the increase in mileage of electric vehicles, their carbon emission advantages are becoming more and more obvious. The study found that electric vehicles currently need to travel 90000 kilometers to become more environmentally friendly than cars with internal combustion engines.

Dr Joachim Damasky, chairman of VDI, said that after 200000 km, an electric vehicle had cumulative carbon emissions of about 24.2t, while diesel vehicles of the same class would emit 33 tonnes, a full 36 per cent higher. noted that the study also affirmed that hybrid vehicles emit 24.8t of carbon after driving 200000 kilometers, similar to those of pure electric vehicles.

However, the study also emphasizes that there is still a lot of room for improvement in environmental protection for electric vehicles. For example, if electric vehicles use electricity from fossil fuels to generate electricity, their mileage to achieve carbon advantage will be extended to 160000 km.

Dr. Damasky pointed out that to further improve the environmental performance of electric vehicles, we need a multi-pronged approach: the first is to develop a green grid, the second is to reduce carbon emissions from battery production, the third is to promote battery recycling, the fourth is to actively promote renewable energy, the fifth is to develop synthetic fuels, the sixth is to vigorously promote plug-in hybrid vehicles, and the seventh is to optimize urban public transport systems, especially rail transit.

The study shows that although electric vehicles have the disadvantage of carbon emissions in the production stage, they will be cleaner than fuel vehicles after a certain mileage. With the continuous progress of battery technology, energy structure and related policies, the environmental advantages of electric vehicles will be further highlighted.

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