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The high-end smart driving package of the Teng Teng N7 has arrived in 99 cities across the country, and the high-speed NOA will be launched this month to assist driving.

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Shulou( Report-- December 18 news, Teng Teng Automotive official blog news, Teng Teng N7 high-level smart drive all-package driving has arrived in 99 cities across the country, this month will start high-speed NOA push, test drive has arrived at the store.

According to Teng officials, since the launch of the high-end smart driving experience season in November, the Teng Teng N7 highway NOA carrying the "Divine Eye" has experienced many tests of Chongqing Devil Interchange, Shenzhen and Beijing Expressway, showing the strong strength of "smart driving first echelon" in large curvature corners, car following and lane change control, as well as excellent performance in night AEB tests and night snow-assisted driving tests conducted by professional media.

Official schematic diagram of ▲, same as below

According to, the Tencent N7 is currently available with the Tencent Pilot high-end smart driving package / high-speed smart driving package, of which the high-speed smart driving package is equipped with a new generation of NVIDIA DRIVE Orin central chip, which can provide more than 30 intelligent driving assistance functions, including high-speed NOA, but does not support urban NOA-assisted driving.

If you choose to install the Teng Teng Pilot Advanced Intelligent driving package, Teng Teng N7 can realize many intelligent driving assistance functions such as high-speed NOA and urban NOA, as well as traffic sign recognition, automatic parking and mobile remote parking functions.

According to the car purchase rights announced by BYD this month, Teng Teng N7 users enjoy a high-speed driving package worth 15000 yuan for 12000 yuan and a high-level smart driving package for 28000 yuan, which will be held from December 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

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