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The first legal advisory service against cyber violence in Douyin launch industry

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Shulou( Report--

According to news on December 18, Douyin today announced the launch of a new feature-anti-cyber violence "legal consultation".

According to reports, this function is launched by Douyin in cooperation with the China legal Advisory Center to provide free legal advice services to users who are suspected to have been subjected to cyber violence.

Users search for keywords such as "cyber violence" and "cyber violence" in the upper right corner of Douyin App home page, click "Rights Protection Guide", you can see the relevant content, and you can gradually enter through Douyin's "Security Center" section. The pictures of are as follows:

Prior to this, the Douyin platform has launched a series of functions such as one-click riot prevention and one-click reporting, and has actively launched anti-cyber violence knowledge promotion and anti-cyber violence initiatives.

Douyin officials said that the launch of the legal advisory service is still the first in the industry, and it has also filled in a gap of "prior identification, intervention and post-event help" for Douyin in the governance of Internet violences. so that victimized users have a more active choice to protect their rights.

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