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Unlock the hands-free selfie Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 expands the boundary of image creation

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The current Generation Z is not only a "novelty control" but also an "experience maniac", and the pursuit of trend and quality is becoming more and more stringent. As the main way to express fashion attitude and colorful life, mobile images are the daily necessities of generation Z. With its professional video system and unique vertical free shooting mode, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 can help users play with folding and shooting a new perspective, and depict a different style and personality attitude with unique lens language.

Generation Z, deeply influenced by social networks, is more keen to take photos and videos full of distinctive features. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 has become a link between Generation Z and high-quality images with its professional imaging system. The machine not only carries a 5000-megapixel wide-angle main shot, a 1200-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 1000-megapixel telephoto lens, but also brings cutting-edge AI solutions and powerful OIS anti-shake performance. Therefore, whether it is the magnificent scenery seen by the eye, or fleeting wonderful moments, with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 full-scene imaging system, you can easily shoot film-grade blockbusters.

With a powerful imaging system as the support, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 vertical interaction mode can give full play to the greatest shooting advantages, allowing users to fully release their imagination with the help of a rich variety of games and perspectives. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is different from traditional straight-screen phones in that users do not need to carry additional auxiliary devices such as selfie sticks and stabilizers during the shooting process, but only need to place the phone on a flat surface through a new generation of super-closed Seiko hinges that support multi-angle rotation, and it will be as stable as a "bracket". In this way, users can free their hands and unlock more scenes, or take photos with their friends, even if they go out alone to sign in, they can also reap stunning moments of visual blockbusters.

For example, when taking photos of online celebrity landmarks, users can simply rotate the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 to the right angle and place it on the ground, and then use gestures to trigger the shutter to show a beautiful photo of clocking in with both color and detail. At the same time, the user can also switch the view range according to the background to further improve the tension and atmosphere of the picture, or generate a poster-grade blockbuster with golden portrait proportion under a 3x optical zoom telephoto lens.

Not only that, the night shooting performance of the combination of vertical free shooting mode and main photography is even more perfect. Combined with AI-driven image signal processing (ISP) algorithm, you can further improve the imaging effect and reduce noise. If you put the phone outdoors, you can also shoot starry movies with clear details and beautiful colors.

In the diversified lifestyle of Generation Z, social gatherings are an indispensable part, and the group photo of various party scenes is an indispensable part. With the blessing of vertical free shooting, users will be able to show their charm in a more comfortable way, making the group photo more exciting and relaxed. When taking a group photo, users only need to unfold Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 to the desired angle on the desktop, and they can Po various poses. At the same time, they can also manage the expression of the camera in real time on the preview screen of the outer screen, so as to efficiently freeze the ideal group photo.

In recent years, folding screen mobile phones, like the Galaxy Z Fold series, lead the trend of the times with their rapid progress. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 deserves to be the benchmark. Through its professional full-scene imaging system and fully upgraded vertical free shooting mode, users can not only produce blockbusters in seconds, but also exert their creativity and talent, upgrading the way users record their lives again.

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