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Sources say "GTA6" is aimed at sale in September 2025, and the whistleblower claims to be the internal cleaner of R Star.

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According to on December 18, a user on Reddit who claimed to be a "Rockstar office cleaner" posted that "GTA6" would be launched in September 2025, but the post was deleted soon.

The whistleblower claimed that he had been working in the R Star office for six months and came across some unpublished content the other day, including a "large map" and the words "September 2025", as well as images of "Jason pointing a gun at a convenience store clerk and filling a duffel bag with Lucia".

The game map looks big, and when I passed a developer, I briefly saw it on the monitor. It looked like 2-3 roads. I guess it was a city / town.

I also saw some screenshots of the game showing Jason and Lucia standing together. Jason wore a black mask and pointed a gun at the clerk. Lucia, wearing a red mask and holding a pistol, filled the duffel bag with wine from behind the cashier.

According to the subreddit moderator, the user has provided him with some details to confirm that the whistleblower did spend time in R Star's office, but can't confirm that he actually saw it, so has reservations about it, but based on previous clues, the game is likely to be released from August to September 2025.

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