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Oriental Jingyuan won the intellectual property Innovation Award of the year on the IC list.

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A few days ago, the "2024 Semiconductor Investment Annual Conference and IC List Award Ceremony" sponsored by Semiconductor Investment Alliance and organized by Aiji Micro was successfully held in Beijing. At the meeting, 30 awards and 60 authoritative lists were announced. Dongfang Jingyuan won the "Annual Intellectual Property Innovation Award" on IC Billboard, demonstrating its technical strength, competitive advantage and industry influence in the field of IC yield management.

The "Annual Intellectual Property Innovation Award" is aimed at enterprises with obvious competitive advantages and certain influence in the industry in a certain segment of semiconductor. The enterprise should have continuous and excellent intellectual property layout and accumulation, attach importance to the comprehensive protection and comprehensive application of intellectual property rights, attach importance to the independent research and development of products or technologies, and the patented technology products have good market recognition and economic benefit value.

Dongfang Jingyuan focuses on the field of integrated circuit manufacturing yield management. It always adheres to the independent innovation spirit. After nearly ten years of R & D, exploration and innovation, it has successively launched four products: OPC, EBI, 12-inch and 6/8-inch critical size measurement equipment (CD-SEM), which fill many gaps in the domestic market and are the first application-level products that have passed production line verification and realized orders in China.

At the same time, Dongfang Jingyuan actively declared various intellectual property rights and protected research and development achievements by formulating and implementing intellectual property management system and working mechanism. In recent years, with the enterprise moving towards the stage of high-quality development, patent application has also made great progress, and the number and quality of patents have been significantly improved. In 2023, Dongfang Jingyuan has applied for 166 patents, an increase of 100% year-on-year, and authorized 36 patents, an increase of 70% year-on-year.

After years of development and precipitation, Dongfang Jingyuan has applied for 431 patents and more than 94% of them are invention patents, 64 PCT patents, 56 overseas countries and regions, 22 registered software copyrights, obvious advantages in patent "gold content" and overseas layout, reflecting the strong technical strength and innovation ability of high-tech enterprises. In addition, the company has also passed the intellectual property management system certification, won the Beijing City intellectual property pilot unit and other honors.

Intellectual property is an important strategic resource for enterprise development and the core element of enterprise competitiveness. In the future, with the iterative upgrading of products, the launch of new products and the continuous advancement of IPO process, Dongfang Jingyuan will further strengthen the protection of independent intellectual property rights, consolidate the innovation achievements of the company into legal rights, build strong competition barriers for the long-term and stable development of enterprises, and continuously promote industrial development and innovation.

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