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The federation publishes the November automobile OTA monthly report: the industry has updated a total of 469 functions, nearly double that of the previous month

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 18, the passenger Association today jointly released the November 2023 OTA Research report with Guangzhou Wilson. The data show that the industry updated a total of 469 functions in that month (237 last month), nearly double that of the previous month. Due to the approach of the Spring Festival, it is expected that there will be intensive upgrades from December to January. summarizes the itemized data as follows:

The new forces updated a total of 195 items (120 last month), an increase over the previous month. In addition to Lulai, other new power brands push less content, while the ideal pushes only a few optimized content for two months in a row.

▲ Picture Source Association, the same as independent brands, updated a total of 241 items (79 items last month), a significant increase over the previous month. This month, the upgraded brands are still dominated by the emerging brands of traditional manufacturers, such as Deep Blue, Zhiji, Haopin, Lantu and so on.

Joint venture & luxury brands have 33 updates (42 last month), including SAIC GM's Buick, Chevrolet and smart and Mercedes-Benz, but not many upgrades, mainly car navigation and entertainment app experience.

The car companies that announced or announced the OTA upgrade in that month are roughly as follows:

The following companies are expected to launch OTA upgrades this month and in the first and second quarters of next year:

At the same time, however, the ride association also pointed out some car companies that have not been updated within the official announcement time, including the ideal L7 / L8 / L9 commuter NOA (20 cities, 50 cities) and Teng Teng N7's remote parking, high-speed NOA, Yunqi-A.

The OTA iteration is shown in the following table:


Original report: November 2023 OTA Research monthly report

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