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The three 5G message standards will be open to the whole society for advice, including the specification of ability to pay, etc.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 18, the 5G message working Group Standards Seminar sponsored by China Institute of Information and Communications and China Communications Enterprises Association was successfully held in Wuxi on December 15. A total of 23 enterprises, 26 representatives and experts attended.

According to official information, the meeting discussed three draft group standards, namely, "5G message Service Enhancement capability Specification-Unified Authentication capability requirements", "5G message Service Enhancement capability Specification-payment capability requirements" and "5G message Terminal and Network compatibility Test Specification". The draft was finally adopted and formed a draft for soliciting opinions. The draft of the following three standards will be submitted to the China Communications Enterprises Association to solicit opinions from the whole society.

In addition, the 5G messaging working Group also solicited opinions on the establishment of a new group standard in 2024, and promised that the future 5G messaging working Group will continue to promote standardization in the areas of 5G message search and fusion messaging platform.

I believe most people in have heard of the 5G message, but there may be some friends who don't know exactly what it is. According to the general definition, 5G message is a basic telecom service based on GSMA RCS UP standard to realize multimedia and lightweight messages, and to upgrade industry information exchange through the introduction of MaaP technology.

In short, 5G message is not only a comprehensive upgrade of short message service, but also a concrete practice of 5G redefining human-computer interaction. Users can complete one-stop business experience such as service search, discovery, interaction, payment and so on in the message window. it is a brand-new information service entrance.

On the basis of maintaining users' original communication habits, fully inheriting the code system of telecommunications services, real-name system, security, interconnection and carrier-level service quality, 5G message services upgrade short message services in a terminal native way. 5G message service integrates multiple media and message formats, and can be seamlessly integrated with traditional short messages. 5G message service makes use of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data to provide users with efficient intelligent services to meet users' rich information communication needs and diversified service needs.

Different from the existing instant messaging App, 5G messaging is not only a comprehensive upgrade of SMS capabilities, but also uses the mobile phone number as the user ID, and the message exchanges between users no longer need to install App, nor do they need to add friends. It supports message to SMS function, when the receiver does not support 5G messages, it can be converted to SMS to be sent to the receiver; without paying attention to the enterprise number, you can send and receive messages.

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