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NetEase game: tens of billions of research and development expenses are invested every year, and the protection of minors belongs to the core assessment index.

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Shulou( Report-- December 18 news, at the 2023 annual meeting of China's game industry, Wang Yi, senior vice president of NetEase Company, said: NetEase invests tens of billions of yuan in R & D expenses every year, and at present, NetEase's game industrialization process has been fully intelligent.

He pointed out that the technology wave led by AI has penetrated into all aspects of the game industry, and they have also made breakthroughs in key technologies such as self-developed models, such as "upstream cold" mobile games and "egg parties".

He also mentioned that NetEase Game disclosed for the first time last month the amount of money invested in the protection of minors each year: more than 100 million yuan. He said that the protection of minors has always been the core assessment index of NetEase's game.

Wang Yi stressed that the game industry can not be divorced from reality, and games need to take the public interest as the maximum common divisor to encourage the whole industry to release more social value.

He said that from the popularity of overseas games in China 20 years ago to the current popularity of Chinese games overseas, Chinese games have used innovation and ingenuity to make China's game industry grow from a "world contract factory" to a "Chinese dream factory" and win the global market.

Wang Yi believes that in the next 20 years, Chinese games should continue to explore the positive potential of games and let the game industry go beyond entertainment and assume more social responsibilities in order to win more respect in the world. with excerpts from Wang Yi's speech:

Today, our game industry has become an important part of the digital economy, the huge consumer landscape and industrial potential is an achievement, but also means responsibility. The boundary between virtual and reality can be broken by technology, but the game industry can not exist without reality. Games need to take the public interest as the maximum common divisor to encourage the whole industry to release more social value.

Last month, NetEase Game disclosed for the first time the annual investment of more than 100 million yuan in the protection of minors. This is not only our determination, but also to reassure the whole society. The protection of minors has always been the core assessment index of NetEase's game, we should not only build the network, but also repair and repair the network. This year, we opened up NetEase's self-developed AI identification technology to channel partners, and in the past two months we have intercepted more than 5 million high-risk behaviors of minors; in NetEase's parent care platform, we have launched one-button ban, one-button ban and other parent-assisted management functions, and so far 8 million parents have joined our anti-addiction collaborative management.

The protection of minors is the bottom line that the game must protect, and the social value of the game is constantly overflowing, which raises the upper limit of the game. This year, our iSpeech AI authoring tool, coming out of the game scene, became the first AI tool to restore the original sound of people with hearing impairment. At present, this technology has been made available free of charge to hearing impaired people across the country to help them realize their life dream of "speaking with their own words".

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