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Microsoft annoys Edge browser users: pop-up recommends it switch to Bing search engine

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Shulou( Report--, December 19, Microsoft recently adjusted its Edge browser again, introducing a new pop-up window that recommends users using Google search engine to switch to Bing search.

Foreign media Windows Central said that although it can not be reproduced, but check social media, some North American users have received this pop-up window.

Microsoft content creator and Stardock developer Brad Sams reported that it encountered this problem, and Microsoft sent it a pop-up window, recommending that the default search engine be switched to Bing.

This pop-up window is also encountered in measurement: reported in February that Microsoft executives said that every 1 percentage point increase in Bing's share of the search advertising market could generate $2 billion in revenue.

Bing has a little more than 3 per cent of the search market, according to Statcounter. Google has nearly 93% of the market. There is a big gap between Bing and Google, so Microsoft's goal at this stage is not to replace Google, but to increase market share as much as possible, and each percentage point increase will generate billions of dollars in revenue for Microsoft.

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