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Magic6 Series Special Edition? The source said that Glory Porsche designed the first product with a limited edition of 911.

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Shulou( Report--, December 19, December 14, Glory officially announced its partnership with Porsche Design. Subsequently, news about the Porsche version of Glory Magic6 emerged one after another, and it was revealed that the first product of Glory Porsche Design will be limited to 911, and the internal code name of the product is "Glory 911".

Obviously, Glory Porsche designed its first product codenamed "Glory 911", which is a tribute to Porsche 911. The limited number of 911 sets shows that Glory intends to create ultra-high-end product attributes through the scarcity of products.

According to previous revelations, the upcoming Glory Magic6 Porsche version incorporates a large number of Porsche design languages in its design. From the revelation picture, the Porsche version of Glory Magic6 can be said to be "Porsche's mobile phone form", such as the classic "red and black" color matching on the Porsche body and interior, with the Porsche Design logo, and the "Star Wheel three shots" design has also been changed to horizontal arrangement, Porsche sports car classic gun dashboard style.

It is not difficult to guess that Glory Magic6 Porsche version is completely defined and built by Glory and Porsche design. After the joint design products of Porsche have been put on the market, their high-end and scarce properties have been popular in the market. For consumers, if they want to buy this product, they naturally have to prepare for it.

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