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The SpaceX giant starship rocket is ready to go again, pointing to the third test flight.

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Shulou( Report--, December 19, just a month after its last launch, SpaceX's behemoth starship rocket is about to usher in its flight again. Although the second test flight ended with an explosion on November 18th, it did not stop the ambitious private aerospace company from moving forward. noticed that SpaceX posted a message on social platform X (formerly Twitter) today, accompanied by three photos of the starship in front of the test bed, saying: "aircraft 3 is waiting for the next launch of the starship on the test platform of Starbase." Starbase is SpaceX's base in southern Texas, where starships are built, tested and launched.

As the largest and most powerful rocket ever built, the starship consists of two reusable stages: a first-stage rocket booster called Super Heavy and a 50-meter-high spacecraft called Starship. The SpaceX starship is designed to send humans to the moon and Mars and to carry out various other space missions.

So far this year, the starship has made two test flights, launching from Starbase on April 20 and November 18, respectively. Both test missions were designed to fly superior starships halfway around the world and splash down in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii.

The first test flight lasted only four minutes before it failed. The starship experienced a series of problems, including the early flameout of some Raptor engines and the failure of primary and secondary separation. SpaceX eventually carried out a telemetry detonation over Texas, turning the magnificent aircraft into gorgeous fireworks.

The second mission on November 18th was relatively successful. Super Heavy's 33 Raptor engines completed the ignition process perfectly and were successfully separated from the ship's superiors. However, Super Heavy exploded as it returned to Earth to splash down in the Gulf of Mexico, and the starship disintegrated in the air eight minutes later.

SpaceX has always been known for its fast iterations, and this test also reflects this. Founder Elon Musk said after the launch on November 18 that the third starship would be ready to lift off again by the end of the year.

However, technical preparation is not the only determining factor. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently investigating the November 18 flight accident and characterizing it as a "flight anomaly". FAA is responsible for issuing launch permits, and only after the investigation is completed and SpaceX completes the necessary corrective measures will Starship 3 be granted permission for the next round of flight.

The future of the starship is still full of unknowns and challenges, and we look forward to the performance of this giant ship in the next round of tests, and it is also expected that it will eventually send humans farther into space.

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