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Xiaomi outdoor camera CW700S on the shelves: 9x zoom camera, to hand price 399RMB

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen very homely very afraid of the clue delivery! December 19 news, Xiaomi outdoor camera CW 700S on sale today, the first 399 yuan also give 64G memory card, activity time from December 19 10:00 to December 25 24:00.

According to introduction, CW 700S camera is equipped with long and short focus dual lens, realizing maximum 9 times mixed zoom, switching to telephoto picture when the picture is enlarged to 2.8 times, more than 2.8 times for mixed magnification effect; equipped with dual 4 megapixel camera, resolution of 2560x1440.

The product is equipped with f / 1.6 large aperture, which can also achieve color picture in extremely weak light environment. When human shape is recognized at night, the fill light is automatically lit, including telephoto fill light and two short focus fill light; when someone is detected in the monitoring area, alarm sound and flash light can be played to support human shape and vehicle detection; built-in 2W high-sensitivity microphone supports two-way voice call.

In addition, the product's flat pan head rotation angle can reach 355°, straight pan head rotation angle can reach 100°, support 66-level dust and water resistance ( Note: dust and water invasion, but can not withstand immersion); external dual antenna design, support network cable connection; support local microSD card video storage, NAS storage.

After opening cloud service, CW 700S also supports cloud storage of alarm video, and simultaneously unlocks AI Face Recognition, dynamic video and other care functions.

Jingdong millet outdoor camera CW700S399 yuan direct link

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