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2023 Open Atomic developers Conference: give developers highlights to promote the healthy development of open source ecology

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Shulou( Report--

Today, we embrace the wonderful era of open source and look forward to the prosperous future of open source. Today, we focus on the era value of developers, and work together with the power of the industry to provide fertile growth soil and a stage for their dreams.

At the end of the year, the 2023 Open Atomic Developers Conference arrived in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. The two-day conference adheres to the principle of "co-construction, co-governance and sharing," with the theme of "everything for developers," looks at the future trend of open source, the mainstream trend of digital economic development, and helps the healthy development of open source ecology through wonderful activities centered on developers.

Feature convergence gives developers highlight moments

Create an open source industry event and share the open source "annual event." The 2023 Open Atom Developers Conference focuses on hot content interested by developers, with 1 opening ceremony, 1 open source competition final, 15 technical parallel sessions, Open Atom Mulan Marathon, developer workshop, Open Atom Open Source Festival and other featured sections, focusing on large models, cloud native, front-end, autonomous driving, Internet of Things, open source governance and developer operations.

The conference was wonderful, and developers had many opportunities for in-depth learning and exchange. "code camp" developer workshop makes code development more efficient;"Tech Hour" technology parallel special session focuses on characteristic topics and jointly plans ideas; three special conferences and two competitions make ideas emerge, so that production capacity is constantly stimulated...

Developers are the focus of attention at this conference. Just as Sun Wenlong, chairman of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, made a vivid analogy in his special speech: in the digital world woven from 0 and 1, developers are omnipotent "creators." The code typed in front of the computer has the power to define, create and change the world, deeply affecting our real life.

Pay attention to open source and pay more attention to developers. This is the profound connotation conveyed by the 2023 Open Atom Developers Conference: technology is more advanced, technology is more advanced, and attention should be returned to individuals. This developer's "grand event" also conveys the Open Atom Open Source Foundation's deep insight into the industry by endowing developers with highlight moments_improving developer skills through professional education and training; Enhance the social recognition of developers by spreading open source culture, optimizing developer and open source project services, and promoting technological progress and development in the open source field; Help many developers realize their technical vision by building a platform for multi-resource integration.

In the era of high-speed development of science and technology, the developer community should have a systematic training system. Ni Guangnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, suggested in his speech that China has entered an open source power and is expected to move from an open source power to an open source power. Therefore, he suggested guiding colleges and universities to systematically promote open source education in terms of policies, planning talent training methods from a global perspective, activating national innovation power, making overall planning and establishing a perfect open source talent training system integrating production, learning and application, and cultivating more college student developers to participate in the contribution of open source community, so as to support the talent demand of national development needs and industrial development.

Win-win cooperation and building a future open source ecosystem

At the 2023 Open Atom Developers Conference, the landing of a number of important achievements was also remarkable.

At present, China's cloud native field has not yet formed a complete system layout and overall work planning, leading enterprises fight for themselves, and industrial development is still a blue sea with full potential. To this end, the Open Atomic Cloud Community was also formally established during the Congress. The establishment of the Open Atomic Cloud Community will jointly promote the high-quality development of China's cloud industry by gathering the strength of all parties involved in domestic cloud production, learning and research. In the future, the community will focus on cloud native technology roadmap and ecological panorama planning, explore and incubate high-quality projects to form a complete technology stack, cultivate and strengthen domestic cloud native open source ecology, actively carry out talent cultivation and international cooperation, etc., promote China's cloud computing industry to enter a new stage of "value mining on the cloud" and reshape the value chain of cloud computing industry.

Cyberattacks against open source projects have increased dramatically in recent years. In the face of the growing threat of attacks, open source security has become an important challenge for both enterprises and the open source community. The "Open Atom Open Source Foundation Open Source Vulnerability Sharing Platform and Security Reward Program" was officially released at the conference. The open source vulnerability sharing platform focuses on Foundation hosting projects and vulnerability disposal that relies on upstream projects. It focuses on 0-day vulnerability management in the open source software field by introducing multi-party participation, full-cycle coverage and promoting efficient disposal. It covers the whole life cycle processing process of open source software vulnerabilities, including vulnerability collection, verification, evaluation, submission, Repair and publication and other stages of work, pay attention to vulnerability discovery and repair work, provide the required resources and environment for vulnerability repair, and comprehensively improve the domestic open source software 0day vulnerability discovery and repair capabilities.

Nowadays, software has become the brain and soul of cars, and software-defined cars have become a new trend. At the conference, the Open Atom Open Source Foundation also reached strategic cooperation with the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. The two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and promote cooperation in open source projects, open source academic research and exchanges, open source activities and cultural dissemination, open source talent cultivation and open source ecological co-construction.

Build a platform to promote the implementation of innovative achievements

What is more worth mentioning is that at the opening ceremony of the 2023 Open Atom Developers Conference, Sun Wenlong, President of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, signed a contract with representatives of donors of GreatSQL, Cloud HPC, Pengyun ZettaStor distributed block storage system software, OpenTenBase, MetaToC, crowdos, NXROS, Dorothy SSR and onps open source network protocol stack projects. Up to now, 45 open source projects have passed the technical access of the Technical Supervision Committee (TOC), initially realizing the full-stack layout of "storage, prevention, cloud and calculation" and "core, soft, hard and end." The accumulated software code exceeds 200 million lines and the number of developers is about 25,000.

In addition, the hot Open Atom Open Source Competition gives full play to the upstream and downstream collaboration capabilities of the industrial chain ecology, builds a platform for cutting-edge technology competition, excellent talent selection, innovation achievement display, business transformation guidance and docking exchange and cooperation in the global open source field, widely disseminates open source culture, popularizes open source knowledge, promotes open source projects, improves open source skills, and provides impetus and support for promoting open source ecological prosperity and sustainable development.

In the future, Open Atom Open Source Foundation will focus on cross-border cooperation and industrial application of projects, gather advantageous resources of all parties of "industry-university-research fund," strengthen collaborative cooperation, open up resources in different forms such as technology, commerce and talents, promote the promotion and application of open source technology in a wider range of scenarios, promote the implementation of innovative achievements of developers, and help each developer's dream become a reality.

Open Source Heroes Explore the Charm of Open Source World

As an annual event dedicated to developers, the Open Atom Open Source Foundation has also grandly created an "image spokesperson" for open source enthusiasts-an "open source hero" dressed in ancient costumes. Just like the vast number of passionate and intelligent software developers, they use innovative thinking and infinite inspiration to promote the development and progress of the world; they use Geek style to control new technologies and write code legends. "Open Source Heroes" represents the outstanding talent and infinite innovation of developers. They hold keyboards and mice shining with wisdom and write various programs from travel shopping to entertainment consumption, which further promotes the innovative development of software industry. And through the open source model, with the majority of developers to work together to overcome many seemingly difficult technical problems. Demonstrate the magical power of co-coding and explore the infinite charm of the open source world together.

As Academician Ni Guangnan, an invited guest of the conference, explained in his speech: Chinese developers should cooperate with world developers, use open source, participate in open source, contribute open source, and contribute Chinese wisdom, Chinese solutions, and Chinese power to world scientific and technological innovation. The Open Atom Open Source Foundation will provide solid support for developers, helping more developers gain in career development, technology improvement, thinking innovation and other fields, and the social value recognition of developers will also be significantly improved. The vigorous birth of open source field will continue to activate global collaborative innovation, make open source become a new driving force to promote the rapid development of information technology, benefit society with code, change the world with programs, and ride the waves in the vast world.

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