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Tencent Video gives each video an identity, fingerprint & digital watermarking technology to protect the original.

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On the road of high-quality development, the network audio-visual platform has been facing many problems to be solved in the field of massive video / teletext data processing technology involved in copyright protection. As a leading comprehensive video content platform in China, in order to protect the viewing experience of users and protect the rights and interests of the originators in the platform, Tencent Video has gradually constructed a copyright protection system based on video fingerprint and digital watermarking in recent years. A number of cutting-edge achievements have been made both in practice and in theory.

In practice, Tencent Video's many measures in copyright protection and other fields have had a far-reaching impact on the industry, while continuing to promote the application of related technologies in multiple scenarios. For each video content, the platform uses AI technology to extract fingerprints as the unique identity of the video, and the content modes extracted by the technology cover many dimensions, such as picture, audio, lines and so on. Through video fingerprinting, the platform can quickly find the same or similar content in a large number of videos, providing strong support for the security, recommendation, ecology and other scenarios of the platform. Using the video content represented by fingerprints, the platform can not only identify the intersection time of short video in long video with the granularity of seconds, achieve the purpose of video copyright protection, but also help long video to innovatively distribute scenes, and achieve the effect of "short band length" by means of "jumping from short video to long video" and "quickly locating the specific location of video clips in long video". This technology can also be used to remove the weight of video and picture and text, so as to optimize the search and recommendation function of the audio-visual platform and solve the problem of repetition of short video recommendation. At the same time, this technology also plays an important role in enriching the original inventory of the platform, mining video relationships, assisting automatic video editing, building event maps and so on.

Through the continuous upgrading of fingerprint technology, Tencent Video has landed a mature set of similar content comparison system with high performance and second-level comparison ability. The system covers the comparison of the relationship between million-level new videos and 100 million-level inventory videos inside and outside the platform, and can retrieve similar videos from massive inventory in seconds. In addition, Tencent Video also developed a hot refresh technology for compatible models at the same time, which solved the problem of rapid upgrade and switching of features under large-scale inventory retrieval. At present, Tencent Video fingerprint system has been able to achieve an extremely high accuracy of more than 97% at low cost. The application of this technology has been extended to a number of business scenarios inside and outside the company, and the effect and cost have remained ahead of the industry.

Another core of Tencent Video's copyright protection system is digital watermarking technology, which can be used to embed digital information such as copyright information, owner identification and other information into the media without affecting the quality of the original media. and cover all links of the media circulation, in order to achieve effective traceability and attack after the disclosure of copyright content. At the same time, Tencent Video digital watermarking technology also has many technical advantages. firstly, in the picture quality experience, Tencent Video digital watermarking is not easy to be perceived by users, and after the digital watermarking function is online, there has never been user feedback caused by related problems such as "watermark affects the user viewing experience"; secondly, the technology also maintains a leading level in the industry in terms of robustness.

In theory, Tencent Video fingerprint-digital watermarking technology also has many outstanding performances. Up to now, Tencent Video's AI technology applied in the copyright protection system has applied for more than 140 patents, won many company-level patent prizes and silver awards, and published a number of influential academic papers at top conferences in the field of artificial intelligence, such as ICLR, KDD, AAAI,ACM&MM, etc.

Under the guidance of the art and technology strategy, Tencent Video, on the one hand, continues to create fine works for users with a good content core, while at the same time keeping the technology deep, focusing on improving the user experience, and protecting the original content through the continuous upgrading of technology. In the long run, the continuous expansion and upgrading of Tencent Video's digital fingerprint and digital watermarking technology can effectively encourage the creation of more high-quality content, and promote the establishment of a good order in the industry and iterative innovation of digital media technology.

The application of fingerprint and digital watermarking technology has accumulated profound technical experience for Tencent Video's long-term construction of large video model base. In the future, Tencent Video will continue to develop in the field of artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, explore more breakthrough applications of innovative technologies in the video field, and provide users with a better viewing experience.

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