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Horizon participated in the World Congress of New Energy vehicles and won the Innovation Technology Award.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, the 2023 World New Energy vehicle Congress (WNEVC) officially ended in Haikou, Hainan, which is the fifth year in a row that the high-end conference has been successfully held.

The conference includes more than 10 conference forums, 10000 square meters technology exhibitions and a number of simultaneous activities. Global business leaders, academicians and industry experts will attend the conference to give speeches.

Horizon, a well-known domestic intelligent computing solution provider, was invited to attend the conference. Chen Liming, president of Horizon, delivered a keynote speech on "people-oriented, open and cooperative, win-win new era of smart cars" at a special forum held at the same time.

Chen Liming, president of Horizon, delivered a keynote speech at the special forum of the 2023 World New Energy Automobile Congress.

At present, the global automobile industry is undergoing a great change not seen in a century. The new round of scientific and technological revolution drives the comprehensive restructuring of the automobile industry, and the breakthroughs and applications of new technologies such as new energy, new materials and big data promote the rapid development of the automobile industry to electrification, intelligence and sharing.

According to public data, global sales of new energy vehicles reached 9.746 million in the first three quarters of 2023, of which 6.278 million were sold in China, accounting for 29.8 per cent of new car sales in China. By the end of the third quarter of 2023, the cumulative global sales of new energy vehicles were about 37.7 million, with China accounting for about 60 per cent.

It can be seen that China plays a leading and leading role in the global automobile accelerated transformation, and Chinese automobile enterprises and suppliers also play a vital role in exploring the path of coordinated development such as electrification and intelligence. especially in the current intelligent track, the reform continues to upgrade, car companies and suppliers need to make concerted efforts in smart driving.

Chen Liming, president of Horizon, said that judging from the current development of the smart car market, the number of models launched by independent brands and foreign brands in China below 100000 yuan has been decreasing in the past two years, with a strong growth of 200000 yuan to 300000 yuan.

In terms of the configuration of L2 + intelligent driving function, independent brands accounted for 56.4% of the proportion of independent brands and joint venture brands in 2022, while joint venture / foreign brands accounted for 43.6%. In addition, data from the first three quarters of this year show that the assembly rate of L2 + intelligent driving functions of models over 300000 yuan has declined, while the assembly rate of models with 200000 yuan-300000 yuan is on the rise. This also shows that the smart driving function is constantly declining, and some L2 + functions are also falling into the lower price range. It can be seen that the overall upgrade of intelligent driving has brought great cost pressure to the main engine factory.

Chen Liming also pointed out that the current user experience is out of proportion to the growth of computing power, and the growth of computing power has brought a great promotion to the performance improvement of intelligent driving, but simply building up computing power has not brought growth to the experience and performance of consumers.

First of all, the solution given by Horizon is to flexibly meet the demand of full-order intelligent driving from low to high, especially the evolution of ®️6 series, which has stronger performance, higher integration, full-order expandability and more open ecology.

Second, Horizon's latest generation of BPU ®Nash architecture is designed for the new generation of urban advanced intelligent driving, which can meet high-performance situations with low power consumption. The architecture also won the award at the Global New Energy vehicle Innovation Technology Award at the World New Energy Automobile Congress. The award is the weather vane of domestic new energy vehicle technology innovation.

Wan Gang, president of the China Association for Science and Technology and chairman of the World New Energy Automobile Congress, presented awards to the horizon.

A series of solutions for Horizon have also been recognized by partners. now, more than 150 models have been signed with more than 30 domestic and international mainstream car companies, and more than 50 production models have been signed. More than 100 ecological partners are linked to accompany users to drive 10 billion kilometers, becoming the preferred partner for domestic and foreign car companies to promote intelligent landing in China.

At the 2023 World New Energy Conference, Horizon and CARIAD, a software company owned by Volkswagen Group, also officially announced the establishment of a joint venture, CARIZON.

As an important part of the announcement of the cooperation between the two sides in 2022, the new joint venture will integrate Horizon's strong soft-hardware technical capabilities and CARIAD's expertise in smart body and software system integration to develop industry-leading, highly optimized full-stack advanced driving assistance systems and self-driving solutions. Ku Rui Cheng will carry out research and development based on the Horizon Journey family computing program, which will be carried out in Volkswagen Group's pure electric models in the Chinese market.

The ecology of the new energy automobile industry is undergoing a comprehensive reshaping. Electrification, networking and intelligence have become the development trend and trend of the automobile industry. We have reason to believe that with the joint efforts of the upper and lower reaches of the automobile industry, including smart car suppliers, the goal of China's automobile industry becoming bigger and stronger and overtaking at corners will eventually be achieved.

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