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Acer won the "EPR Public Dialogue Pioneer" Award of China Home Appliance Research Institute again.

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On December 13, Acer won the honor of "2023 EPR Public Dialogue Pioneer" at the 2023 Seminar on Producer Responsibility Extension and Carbon Neutralization Development of Electrical and Electronic Products sponsored by China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute. This is Acer's second consecutive year of winning this honor. At the same time, Acer scored one place higher than 2022 in this year's evaluation, ranking fourth.

The evaluation index is jointly formulated by China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, Peking University and Producer Responsibility Extension Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, and the annual report, sustainable development report, corporate social responsibility report, ESG report and carbon neutralization report publicly released by enterprises in 2022 are taken as the evaluation objects to carry out systematic evaluation on the enterprises 'performance of EPR responsibility and the degree of EPR information disclosure. EPR focuses on taking responsibility for the entire life cycle of products, from production to recycling, reducing environmental impact to increase productivity and promote circular economy.

Acer actively fulfills its responsibilities, not only to reduce its impact on the environment, but also to practice its own concept of sustainable development. Acer has joined the RE100 initiative and pledged to achieve 100% renewable energy use by 2035 and net zero emissions by 2050. In addition, Acer launched the Earth Mission, a sustainability platform integrating employees and partners, which integrates energy, production, logistics, packaging design, product design and recycling into the scope of sustainable development. Through this platform, Acer's EPR responsibility will be more systematic and in-depth.

About Acer:

Founded in 1976, Acer is one of the world's top technology companies. With the development of the industry and the transformation of lifestyle, Acer will open up opportunities to establish a new ecosystem in the consumer and commercial markets, launching more integrated applications and products combining hardware, software and services. Acer has always regarded "breaking the barriers between people and technology" as its corporate mission. More than 7,700 employees are committed to R & D, design, marketing, product service and various solutions worldwide, and its business spans 160 countries and regions. You are welcome to visit Acer's official website for more information.

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