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Amazon introduces satellite network program Project Kuiper: 100Gbps network connection can be realized by using infrared laser communication

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Shulou( Report--, December 19 / PRNewswire-Asianet /-- Amazon recently announced its satellite network service Project Kuiper, which plans to use infrared lasers to build a mesh network (mesh network) between satellites, which claims to be able to achieve 100 Gbps network connectivity for open seas, deserts and other places.

▲ official press release from Amazon (the same below) Amazon claimed that in October this year, the company sent two test satellites "KuiperSat-1" and "KuiperSat-2" into low-Earth orbit to test Project Kuiper's end-to-end communication system and network, completed the verification of all key systems and subsystems in November, and expected to gradually enable related services in the first half of next year. noted that the system mainly uses multiple satellites for high-speed communication with infrared lasers in space and transmits to the ground in real time, and Amazon plans to launch more satellites in the future to achieve a more stable network connection.

Amazon claims that using a satellite transmission network in space is 30% faster than fiber optic on land, and that because Project Kuiper uses Amazon AWS cloud services and infrastructure, latency can be further reduced, but building the system is a "major challenge" and will take a long time to deploy.

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