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(update) sources say Douyin is in talks to buy, but insiders deny

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Shulou( Report--

16:02 update: according to 36 krypton, insiders responded that the cooperation between the two sides has been making steady progress, but the so-called "acquisition" is complete nonsense. Douyin insiders replied: Bloomberg does not have this report, and Douyin does not have such a plan., December 19, according to Sina Science and Technology report, recently there are rumors that Douyin and Ali are currently talking about the acquisition of could not be reached for comment.

According to rumors, "Douyin is currently in talks with Ali about the acquisition of It has reached the stage of price negotiation. If the negotiations go smoothly, it is expected that it will land after the spring."

It is also reported that the purchase price is probably more than 7 billion US dollars ( Note: currently more than 49.98 billion yuan). had no comment on the matter.

In August 2022, and Douyin jointly announced that they had reached a cooperation. The two sides said that they will work together to explore the upgrading of new scenes of local life services, deeply connect businesses and consumers through high-quality content, rich goods and efficient logistics and distribution, and bring a new local life experience of "see, click, reach" in the video era.

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