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Trend audio new standard-bearer-BOYA Burson Omic button microphone and microphone revolution!

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Omic button microphone is the latest wireless microphone product from BOYA Burson brand. BOYA Burson is one of the earliest brands engaged in R & D and manufacturing of professional microphones in China. Since its establishment in 2011, Burson has been committed to the research of professional and high-end video equipment and sound technology, and has been providing customers with high-quality and high-standard products and services for many years. Customers throughout the photography, radio / film / television, education, teaching, self-media and other industries, is the leading brand of the domestic audio industry.

▲ pictures from the official website

BOYA Burson Omic button microphone is a simple, convenient, excellent performance and good-looking button microphone for the domestic market. In the appearance design, the use of a simple and fashionable design concept, light and portable, round button design, open the box like a jewelry box, and the first to match with plush covers, the shape is more lovely and interesting, a variety of clothes style. Its uniqueness lies in its ultra-small size and excellent sound quality. Although the main focus is appearance, but the strength is not low, the frequency response is in the normal 20Hz-20KHz, sampling rate 48KHz, bit depth 16bit, signal-to-noise ratio ≥ 80dB. Ensure that clear, natural sounds can be captured in any environment. From the actual record of the evaluation, the degree of restoration of the human voice is relatively excellent, lossless sound quality effect, sounds full alto, bass is also relatively stable. At the same time, it is also equipped with one-click noise reduction function, which can provide excellent noise reduction performance even in a loud noise environment, allowing users to easily record high-quality sound. After noise reduction, the sound details are not lost much, retaining the texture of the human voice.

▲ pictures come from official account evaluation.

BOYA Burson microphone has always been committed to providing users with high-quality sound products. This new product release once again breaks through the boundaries of technology and perfectly integrates the latest design with sound art. BOYA Burson Omic button microphone uses the most advanced digital signal processing technology to achieve high fidelity, low distortion sound quality performance, so that every live broadcast, shooting, dubbing recording has become so moving.

▲ pictures from the official details page

At the same time, it also has a high degree of compatibility and can be seamlessly connected with a variety of devices. Users can pair the microphone with smartphones, tablets, computers, and other audio devices via Bluetooth or wired connections. This makes the Omic button microphone an ideal webcast and videoconferencing tool, allowing users to share their voices on a variety of platforms. This feature is undoubtedly a boon for business people, students, and all users who need to record meetings, classes, or speeches.

▲ pictures from the official details page

Burson always adhere to the needs of users-oriented, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence. This new product release hopes to bring more convenient and efficient voice experience to more users. This microphone provides us with a new audio experience. We believe that BOYA Burson Omic button microphone will bring endless creative possibilities to professionals and audio lovers, and lead the new trend in the industry. In the days to come, we will continue to dig deep into the sound field and bring more surprises to users.

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