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Duoniu Technology and Tang Jili set up a joint venture to jointly cultivate excellent IP

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, Duoniu Technology Group (stock code: 01961.HK, hereinafter referred to as "Duoniu Technology") announced that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Lix Film and Game Group Company Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Lix Film"). The two sides will jointly cultivate excellent IP and jointly promote the spread and exchanges of excellent Chinese culture around the world.

According to the relevant agreement, the two sides will jointly form a joint venture to comprehensively use movies and TV dramas, animation games, and other innovative applications, including artificial intelligence, to cultivate excellent IP.

Lix Film is a company engaged in film and television investment, production, copyright operation and other business, the controlling shareholder is Mr. Tang Jili. As an internationally famous Chinese filmmaker and a member of the American Directors Union (DGA), Mr. Tang is a director, action director, screenwriter, producer and producer. He has won the Hong Kong Film Awards, Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards and other internationally renowned awards. He has participated in many excellent film and television works, such as "Red Fan District", "Police Story 3 Super Police", "Police Story 4 simple Task", "Thunder Men", "Myth", "Kung Fu Yoga", "Vanguard" and so on.

Duoniu Technology is a digital entertainment provider listed on the main board of Hong Kong stocks, covering digital media, games, e-commerce, etc., swept by the AIGC craze, Duuniu Technology is driven by self-developed AIGC software to drive the innovation and upgrading of its digital entertainment business. Its parent company, Duoniu Group, is a well-known domestic digital economy, Internet, artificial intelligence enterprises, with DoNews, Renren, NGA, video game bus and other well-known media and social platforms, covering hundreds of millions of young users.

The specific business of the joint venture between the two sides will include three aspects:

First of all, with the established IP as the core, continue to promote the development of film, TV series and other related film and television works, with the help of the strong influence of film and television works to inject continuous impetus to the development of IP.

Secondly, expand the development of relevant IP in the game business, so as to enhance the continuous interaction between IP and users. This business includes the traditional film and television works copyright game adaptation and development, at the same time, will also find a suitable game IP to carry out film and television development cooperation. Through two-way interaction with the game industry, improve the level of cooperation between the two forms of industry.

Third, through the use of artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies, explore new directions of cultural and creative industries, including film and television, games and other cultural and creative industries, and try new business models.

Mr. Tang Jili said that film is the best platform for international cultural exchange and an important window for the world to understand Chinese culture. After some excellent domestic films, such as the Zodiac, were released in Europe, it made French collectors realize the importance of these cultural relics to the Chinese people and contributed to the smooth return of cultural relics. Look forward to working with Duoniu Science and Technology to create a global IP from China with new technologies and innovative business models, so as to make a contribution to the enhancement and promotion of the international dissemination of Chinese culture.

Wang Le, chairman of Duoniu Technology Group, said that technological progress is an important factor in promoting industrial change. Now the trend of a new generation of technological change, such as artificial intelligence, has emerged, and various fields, including the content industry, are facing new opportunities. Duoniu Technology Group looks forward to carrying out in-depth cooperation with Director Tang, seizing the new opportunities brought about by technological innovation, providing new experiences for the broad masses of users, and contributing to the prosperity of China's cultural industry and enhancing its global competitiveness.

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