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High efficiency and large screen are well received Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + continues to sell well.

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As a new generation of Samsung Tab A series smart tablet products, Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + has been widely recognized by consumers since its launch, especially after double 11 and double 12, there are many users in the evaluation area of Samsung Mall because of its portable large screen experience, immersed audio-visual effects and various practical features.

Among them, some users mentioned that Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + "looks very beautiful, the weight is relatively light", "the overall performance price is relatively high, recommended"; "the screen is very large, and the quality is very good. Four speakers are cool to watch video." Some users said that Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + "battery life is also very good", "coupled with 5G pluggable card, with Samsung OneUI ecology, very suitable for travel and travel."

In terms of appearance, Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + features a simple and stylish design and a smooth metal body, which not only has a strong overall texture, but also brings reliable protection when traveling. It has three classic colors of rock ash, galactic silver and wave blue for users to choose from, each of which shows a relaxed and comfortable charm. In addition, Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + features a slim, smooth body with a soft back cover design, with a lightweight weight of only 480g (WLAN version), making it easier for users to hold, whether it is used while walking in their hands or carried in a bag.

For the travel experience, Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + is also equipped with 7040mAh (typical value) high-capacity battery to meet the needs of continuous use. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the tablet also has a fast 5G version to choose from, and users can directly connect to the network through the tablet by inserting a 5G SIM card to enjoy a fast and smooth Internet experience without having to use mobile phone hotspots or looking around for a public WLAN network.

In terms of configuration, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + has an 11-inch display to help users immerse themselves in their favorite movies, programs or games. Its screen refresh rate up to 90Hz, whether running games or daily control can enjoy silky. Thanks to the four-channel loudspeaker driven by Dolby Atmos ®surround sound, users can easily indulge in a movie-grade audio-visual feast. In addition, Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + also provides up to 8GB running memory and up to 128GB storage space to provide plenty of space for document preservation and inspiration, and helps users accomplish more with excellent performance and speed.

In order to take full advantage of the experience brought by the large screen, Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + also supports efficient multi-task split screen function, which can divide the screen space into three when needed, and complete multiple tasks at the same time, helping users to improve their productivity and learning ability. Not only that, Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + also supports Samsung DeX mode, bringing PC-level multitasking capabilities to maximize productivity.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + can seamlessly connect with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Samsung Galaxy ecological products: as long as you log in to the same Samsung account, users' Samsung notes and browser pages can be freely switched between Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + and other devices; copy and paste between devices can also be realized to achieve the creation, delivery and results of interconnection. Cross-device S-transfer simplifies the file sharing process, allowing users to easily send favorite content between devices without pairing devices.

From this, it can be seen that Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + has a very good performance in all aspects. Nowadays, Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + is a hot seller in Samsung Mall, and if you also want to buy a tablet computer with a good experience, Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 + is a very good choice.

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