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To protect the "Asian Games Blue", dawning received a thank-you letter from Zhejiang Ecological Center.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, dawning Intelligence calculation Co., Ltd., under dawning of China Science and Technology, received a thank-you letter from Zhejiang Ecological Environment Monitoring Center. The Center expresses its heartfelt thanks to dawning for its concern, support and positive contribution to the air quality assurance work of the Hangzhou Asian Games, and looks forward to deepening cooperation with dawning to make further achievements for the continuous improvement of Zhejiang's ecological environment.

During the competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou and other co-host cities are during the period of frequent thunderstorms. In order to ensure the smooth holding of this international event, relying on the dawning national integrated computing service platform, dawning Intelligence assists many regional environmental monitoring centers and meteorological bureaus in Zhejiang to efficiently and accurately complete the forecast and early warning of meteorological conditions, air quality and marine environment.

During the sailing competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the sea conditions and meteorological conditions are very important to the sailing competition. For this reason, the dawning national integrated computing service platform helps Ningbo Meteorological Bureau to improve its accurate forecasting ability, reducing the forecast time of the Asian sailing model from 9 hours to 4.5 hours, so as to better realize the application and research of the meteorological numerical model of "100 meters and minutes".

Air quality is also one of the important conditions for athletes to create good results. In order to present a splendid sports event to the world and realize the "Asian Games Blue", dawning National Integrated Computing Service platform assists Zhejiang Environmental Monitoring Center to ensure atmospheric environmental monitoring and early warning. The forecasting platform can provide environmental numerical prediction with 1km*1km resolution, and extend the forecast time from 7 days to 15 days, and the medium-and long-term forecast can reach 30-90 days.

Behind the dawning national integrated computing service platform, which efficiently supports the work of Zhejiang Ecological Environment Monitoring Center, is the continuous focus and accumulation of dawning Intelligent Computing Company in the field of computing services.

As early as 2021, dawning began to build and operate the dawning national integrated computing service platform. After many iterations, the platform now integrates "data, algorithms, frameworks, applications", and can realize the rapid configuration and resource integration of different types of computing power and software applications. With the help of the application market being deployed, it can effectively connect the computing power and the application supply and demand, effectively reduce the threshold for the use of computing power, and improve the application level of computing power.

At present, the platform has been recognized by users in artificial intelligence, meteorology, biology, materials, intelligent manufacturing and other industries, and has cumulatively completed over one million ultra-large-scale operations for users, helping thousands of industries to achieve digital innovation and development.

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