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LG announces new flagship echo wall S95TR:9.1.5 channel with 810W output

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Shulou( Report-- December 19 news, LG today announced 2024 flagship Echo Wall S95TR, which is expected to be launched early next year.

The new S95TR uses the same 9.1.5 channel system as the current S95QR and supports Dolby Panorama and DTS:X. According to LG, the new S95TR echo wall provides impressive 810W output and fascinating surround sound over 15 channels.

The price of the new S95TR Echo Wall has not been announced yet. search found that LG's flagship echo wall S95QR currently sells for 6999 yuan.

LG also announced the appearance of the SG10TY echo wall. Officials say the SG10TY is designed to match the width and frame color of the LG OLED TV.

In addition, LG also plans to launch echo walls such as SG10TY, S90TY, S70TR, S70TY, S60TR, S60T, S40T and S20T, and more detailed parameters are expected to be announced in CES 2024 in January next year.

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