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Tesla Berlin Super Factory has become the largest taxpayer in Glenhead and is expected to pay 6 million euros in trade tax this year.

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According to news on December 19, as the world's leading manufacturer in the field of electric vehicles, Tesla is still building a super factory. Because the factory can provide a large number of jobs, drive the development of related industries, and bring considerable local taxes, their super factories are also what many countries around the world are trying to strive for.

According to foreign media reports, Tesla's super factory in Glenhead, a suburb of Brandenburg, Berlin, has brought considerable tax revenue to the local area, and was the largest taxpayer in Glenhead last year.

Tesla, who was Grunhead's largest taxpayer last year, was revealed by Kerstin Lang, the treasurer of Glenhead, at a meeting of the local council.

At the meeting, Kerstin Lang revealed that Tesla paid 6 million euros in trade tax to Glenhead last year. For comparison, he also mentioned that the total budget of a local community of 9000 residents is 20 million euros.

It is worth noting that the Berlin super factory that Tesla identified in 2019 and began construction the following year did not open until March 22 last year, and the production capacity of Model Y is also gradually increasing, and the weekly output does not exceed 3000 vehicles at the end of the year, which is not a year for their factory to produce at full capacity.

In the process of gradually increasing production, it will also be able to pay a trade tax of 6 million euros for Glenhead, which means that the Tesla Berlin Super Factory, which has produced more than 3000 vehicles a week since the beginning of the year and more than 5000 in March, will be able to pay more taxes for Grunhead this year.

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